Irony Squared

Taking advice from Tony Blair about how to defeat the Islamic State would be rather like treading a well worn path that leads to Avernus, yet that does not prevent Mr Blair from proffering advice nor does it prevent the media from reporting his advice.  Continue reading

Mr Blair Looks Like a Lizard

Tony Blair looks increasing like a lizard, but does not, according to accounts in the press live like one. Lizards eat flies but Mr Blair enjoys a life of opulence and luxury, which is most suitable for the former leader of the Labour Party which was formed to represent the interests of working class people. Continue reading

Mr Blair Resigns

I see that Mr Blair has decided to stand down as Middle East Envoy, a role he has been playing for eight years without any visible signs that he has done anything to achieve peace and prosperity in the region. I get the impression, it may be a wrong impression, that he has not worked ceaselessly and tirelessly for the Middle East. In fact his appointment seems to have been a mistake, but at least it enabled Mr Blair to develop his already formidable contact list.

Throwing the Other Shoe

Politicians do not like to have eggs or tomatoes thrown at them but they ought to shrug off whatever they have had thrown at them, provided it did not hurt them. After all, it is always helpful to democracy when a politician loses some dignity. It may remind them that they are elected to serve the people and not rule over the people.

You may remember in December 2008 George Bush had shoes thrown at him while giving a press conference in Baghdad. One shoe was thrown, which missed Mr Bush and then the thrower threw the other shoe. Mr Bush was not touched by the shoes; he ducked and no harm was done except to his dignity. The shoe thrower, Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi, shouted that the shoes were a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people. Continue reading

The Dangers of Democracy

Tony Blair made a speech yesterday. He explained that to hold a referendum about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union would be a terrible mistake because it would lead to economic problems and affect prosperity. Mr Blair knows all about the dangers of democracy and he believes that  those who know better, such as Tony Blair and the Labour Party should overrule the will of the people. Democracy is not only inconvenient for Mr Blair but it is also dangerous.


New Years is Coming But Old Problems will Remain

As the old year turns into the new year, the old problems remain, getting more complicated and less soluble. It seems that Israel is entitled to exist as a State, but that Palestine is not so entitled. Continue reading

Thirteen Years: that is a long time

Totalitarian regimes brook not dissent, ever. Democratically elected regimes also brook no dissent, but have to find ways do quashing dissent without appearing to infringe the rights of the dissenters. Shaker Aamer is a dissenter, it would seem, but I cannot say that he is, because his views have never been given a platform. Continue reading

Blood Lust and Land Occupied for Eternity

The  Gaza Strip is a very small place that is crowded with more than one and three quarters of a million people. It has a small boundary with Egypt and a much longer boundary with Israel. Its people are imprisoned inside. They cannot cross borders to work and to buy goods. Israel polices the goods that enter and leave Gaza, effectively blockading it, although some goods may enter through Egypt. The people who live in Gaza are dispossessed of their land and their goods by Israel. As a result of what the people of Gaza believe to be an gross injustice, they attack their enemy by sending in crude rockets that occasionally kill Israelis and certainly disrupt their lives and well being. In retaliation Israel bombs houses in Gaza they suspect of launching the rockets, first warning those who live in the houses to leave. Israel claims this an act of self defence. It is much more powerful and prosperous than Gaza. It seems to think that the people of Gaza whose houses are used to launch rockets can prevent the use of their houses to launch rockets. I suspect that the householders of Gaza do not have much say in the matter. Continue reading


Killing people seems to have become fashionable again;  things are not what they seem:it was always thus. One hundred years after the start of a war that killed millions of people for no discernible reason other than the wickedness of humanity, it seems that humanity is anxious to repeat the orgy of mass destruction. There are people who present themselves as religious people motivated by a desire for peace who see no way to create peace except by killing those that the religious people deem desirable to be killed. Continue reading

War Crimes

It is rather upsetting to learn of British soldiers who posed in triumph with the dead body of one of their enemies, while other soldiers took pictures. This behaviour is contrary to the Geneva Convention, but perhaps we can forgive these young men who we send to fight in wars that cannot be won for the glorification and wealth of their political masters. Continue reading