Hungry For Words

I have written poetry for all of my life. At school an English teacher mocked me for my attempts to write free verse, when I was eleven. It inspired me to write more, but it took a long time to get the hang of it, and it took me longer to develop my own voice, which is what someone who tries to write poetry needs above anything else. Continue reading

The Desultory Apostate

I am a desultory apostate who does not recognise who he is and why he has become what he has become. What was once written in ink as verse is now carved with tools in the air in prose and moves, is breathed and is ephemeral yet eternal. Continue reading

It is Springtime

The argument that God created man from clay or earth, and then woman from man, may be interpreted scientifically, in that humanity evolved from creatures who evolved from organisms that in turn evolved from the meeting of molecules as parts of earth collided with other parts, but the legend works well enough as a simple explanation. The theory is a bit like begatting in reverse. The truth of that explanation is immaterial; sometimes it is better to accept a simple explanation. It is wrong to labour to understand a complex truth. Continue reading

We have nearly reached 400 part per million.

The most recent monthly average of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Hawaii in March 2014 was 399.65 ppm, compared with 397.31 ppm in March 2013. Humanity has nearly done it. BY the end of May the measurement will exceed 400 part per million, I have no doubt. We live, as the Chinese Curse would have it, in interesting times.

Wind Turbines Spoil the View But less so than Fracking

Wind turbines do spoil the view. These huge revolving one legged creatures do have an impact on the countryside in terms of changing what people call its visual amenity.  However, power stations have a bigger impact on the visual amenity of the countryside and fracking operations will also have a visual impact on the countryside and they will Continue reading


All crises are in history are created by human greed. Greed is an unnecessary pleasure as well as a destructive one. Events in the world which start as a crisis often rapidly develop into wars in which one side wants to enslave the other side ad enjoy the wealth that the other side has created. Sometimes the feeling is mutual.

There has been enough on this planet for all the humans who live her. It is likely that this will not always be the case until the numbers of humanity are reduced by the foolishness of humanity.

Greed is like smoking; unnecessary and addictive as well as harmful


Edward Snowden, Rector of Glasgow University

Students at Glasgow University have a tradition of independence. Every three years they vote for the person who will become the new Rector of the University. This year there were three major candidates, Kevin Holdsworth, Graeme Obree, and Edward Snowden. To the credit of the students, Mr Snowden (presently having sanctuary and asylum in Russia), won the vote by a large margin. Continue reading

Mr Duran’s Borrowings

Up until 2008 banks in the developed world were in the mood to lend money. They generally did not ask too many questions and wanted to grow quickly and make a great deal of money for the bankers who ran them and also as an afterthought for their shareholders. Continue reading

Bio Madness

Some years ago I reported on a study by the University of Berkeley which found that ethanol from corn created more environmental damage in terms of greenhouse gas emissions than excavating for oil. The study was largely ignored as the power of the vested interests lobbied for ethanol from corn and matters have reached a stage where more than half of American corn is grown for biofuel production, damaging the environment and sending the prices of the staple higher than they should be. Continue reading

The Birkenhead Drill and Selfishness

Perhaps our world has become a more selfish place. There have always been very selfish people; why would anyone become or remain a billionaire except for selfishness? However, it seems that selfishness is increasing as more people aspire to the heights of selfishness. Continue reading