Greedy Greeks?

German tabloid newspapers have, describing the present debt negotiations between Greece and the European Union, as “Greedy Greeks”. It is a singularly inappropriate epithet for a nation in distress seeking to alleviate its distress, rather than to surfeit on that it does not own. Frequently tabloid newspapers can hit the metaphorical nail squarely on the head, but in this case they simply use convenient alliteration to whip up undeserved contempt for a nation with which theoretically they are in partnership but in truth presently treat as a vassal state. Continue reading


One new war takes the world’s focus away from old wars. One new misery makes folk forget old miseries. One new disease makes people forget old diseases. A new sorrow pushes out some of the sadness of old sorrows. Continue reading

Russia in Cyprus

Cyprus has now agreed to allow the Russian Navy to use its ports and is in discussions with the Russian Federation to use Cypriot airports to provide a base for Russian aircraft that are involved in providing humanitarian relief.  Continue reading

Debt – In the Long Run

Yesterday I wrote about the changing role of banks in tax evasion. At one time banks across the world facilitated tax evasion, but are now by the enactment of new laws becoming key players in preventing tax evasion. “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” Mayer Amschel Rothschild is said to have stated. It may have taken three hundred years but the politicians elected to enact laws, may have now understood that governments must not let bankers either issue or control a nation’s money. Continue reading

Bank Accounts and Tax

Anyone who has tried in recent years to open a bank account has found that it takes about a month; ten years ago you could open a bank account in a week. Twenty years ago the process took half an hour. Today in the developed nations people need bank accounts far more than they did twenty years ago. The vast majority of payments are not made in cash but by bank transfer or credit card transactions. The reasons for this simple operation taking so long is modern days is given as the need to prevent money laundering. The reason given is not the whole truth. Continue reading

The Innocence of Youth

It is difficult for me to understand the relentless news coverage of the case of three young women who left their school i Bethnal Green to join the Islamic State in Syria. Of course I can understand the initial media excitement in the story, as a human interest story, but we have now had many days in which the United Kingdom newspapers, radio stations and television programmes have led on various aspects of this story. Continue reading

Demonising Dictators

Leaders like to demonise their opponents. On a domestic level we see a leader of a political party demonising the leader of another, and on an international level we have see Saddam Hussain, Gadaffi, Assad and now Mr Putin all portrayed by international leaders as completely evil, insane and uncontrollable people, and our media have lazily and readily assisted in this portrayal. Continue reading

German Diplomatic Incompetence

Experts in the United Kingdom have found that the European Union had not understood just how much Russia felt threatened by the EU’s overtures towards the Ukraine and that the UK had not been active enough in dealing with the crisis diplomatically. Continue reading

Overwhelmed by Kindness

It is very pleasant and inspiring to be overwhelmed by kindness. Such was my experience yesterday evening when I was invited to dine with one friend and twenty eight strangers but by the end of the evening I did not feel that I was in the company of strangers at all. Continue reading

Time and the Good Earth

Another day comes and will pass, with the turning of te earth. In the east, where we see the morning sun on the horizon, days arrive earlier han they come in the west, which shows us the sun vanishing on the horizon.  Continue reading