Oil and Gas leaks from Deepwater Horizon

When the oil and gas leaked from the Macondo Well at Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico in June 2010 something happened that never happened before. The oil and gas leaked some one and a half kilometres under the sea. Continue reading

Looking Forward to the Olympics?

On 27th July 2012 the London Olympic Games opens. It will have cost a staggering amount of money to put on; more than nine billion pounds will have been spent with much of the spending being spent on ephemera. Half a billion will be spent on “security”. More than £81 million is being spent on the opening ceremony. The government decided a few weeks ago that £40 million did not buy a grand enough opening ceremony so it doubled the budget. I suppose it will make folk in the rest of the world see how wisely we are spending our money in these austere times. Continue reading

Natural Forces of Climate Change

We are in winter now, in London, and we enjoy or suffer the seasons (according to individual taste) because of the earth’s tilt. At 23.5⁰ the tilt of the earth enables the earth to receive more concentrated light in the summer months and les concentrate light in the winter months. If the earth titled a few degrees more the summer months would probably get more concentrated light further North and the North Pole would be ice free. If the earth titled less there would be less ice melting at the poles in the summer and if the earth did not tilt at all then the seasons would only occur to the extent that the slight elliptical orbit provide less concentrated daylight and more concentrated daylight according to the distance of the earth from the sun. Continue reading

Christmas is Over

Christmas is over and we are in the dull interregnum of low light and strange days between Christmas and the New Year holidays. The news is light as politicians take their holidays. Presumably when politicians work the news is heavy with their arguments and discussions and with their blunders, but for now the quiet period starts to wind up into a period of review and reflection on the year that has past. Continue reading

My Voice is Too Small

Political connections and a strong lobby group can do things that a good cause and holding the right moral position cannot. When governments make decisions they succumb to the influence of the powerful. Continue reading

Happy Christmas from Genersys Plc

Happy Christmas

I wish all my readers a very happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year