Disgraceful Conduct of a Cruel Kind

I have always been interested in justice and injustice. Sometimes a person will feel the hot and often bad breath of authority on his or her neck and have to endure a criminal trial. To say that is never a pleasant prospect would be a huge understatement.

I have written Disgraceful Conduct of Cruel Kind, which is the true story of an incredible court martial.

Major Frank Edmunds, an intelligence officer in the British Army in the Second World War, (who happened to be Jewish and gay), after demobilisation was accused with two junior officer of arranging the torture and mistreatment of two high ranking SS officers while he was an interrogator for the British Army based in Bad Nenndorf interrogating former Nazis.

The interrogations in 1946 were undertaken to find out the truth of a suspected planned uprising in Germany to coincide with Hitler’s birthday on 20 April 1946. Frank Edmunds was probably the most skilled interrogator of that time and had previously obtained details of V1 and V2 rockets, German tank waterproofing and Hitler’s last will and testament by his interrogations. He also obtained information from leading German generals that he interrogated, all of which helped the war effort. Frank and two of his officers faced court martial proceedings to defend themselves against charges of disgraceful conduct of a cruel kind.

This true story offers insight into this particularly political court martial held in 1948. The trial started in Germany and continued in London. The defence was conducted by Derek Curtis-Bennett K.C., who was one of the most brilliant counsel who ever practiced at the English bar. In the course of the 20 day hearing one of the former SS men absconded and had to be found and brought to court to give evidence, other witnesses for the prosecution who undertook the ill treatment in the form of beatings up refused to give evidence unless they were pardoned and there were many other highly unusual features of the court martial such as the interruption of the prosecution’s closing speech to interpose a witness.

This book, thoroughly researched and based on Frank Edmunds papers, will be of great interest to military historians and lawyers providing insight to the work of British Intelligence in 1946 and the conduct of a complicated trial conducted by the most famous King’s Counsel of the day- Curtis-Bennett.

This is one of the most important additions to military history and is relevant today when soldiers are at risk of criminal proceedings long after they have left the army and raises the inevitable issue of political influence on prosecutors’ decisions to start such proceedings.

You can pre order it from Amazon Kindle. It will come out on 30 July 2021, although the cover design will probably change by then.

Poems by Robert Kyriakides

My Poems are now available on amazon kindle eBooks. I wrote them between 1967 and 2021. many of them were set to music composed by Chris Calcroft. I hope that you will enjoy them.

Tears Cannot Help us

I have tried to advertise Tears Cannot help Us on Amazon Kindle, but they rejected the advertisement because the book cover they said was non compliant to their policies. In fact they told me that the cover contains overly sexualised content.

This must have been a decision made by a computer and not a real human being, because the cover depicts statutes (in the classical Greek Style) of a man and a woman, which statues have been eroded by the elements and have had their noses broken off. In classical times many statues underwent a nose breaking off process. This was one of the earliest examples of iconoclasm. In the case of Greek statues the noses tended to wear away.

I have tried to appeal this decision by Amazon’s computer but the link to appeal that Amazon sent to me did not work. the appeal link was broken, like the noses on my statue.


Do you think this is overly sexualised content?

Journey Through Reality

A highly charged erotic fantasy set in a dystopian world, out now on Kindle.

Journey Through Reality

I will be publishing, under the pen name of Seth Harrigan, Journey Through Reality on 21 March on Amazon Kindle as an eBook. It is available as a pre-order now. It will go live on kindle on 21 March 2021.

It is an erotic satirical fantasy set in a dystopian world here things are not what they seem to be and where reality changes.

The cover illustration is by Richard Kyriakides.

This will be the first of a trilogy. The second, Journey Through Existence, will be available for pre order soon.

Tears Cannot Help us

Tears Cannot Help us, published under my pen name of Robert Blacklord, is a romance set in the second world war and is available on Kindle as an eBook. It is based on true events and real lives of my parents. This tale of hardship sacrifice spans 28 years set in Cyprus, Egypt, North Africa, Greece, Czechoslovakia and England. It is centred around the lives and struggles of two young people; Nick, a Cypriot who served in the British Army and Irca, his lover, who fought in the Czech Resistance as they help to defeat the German war effort and the the Nazi war machine (including Reinhard Heydrich) in the face of considerable hardship, sacrifice, and life threatening constant danger. It deals with their early lives in Cyprus and Czechoslovakia, their love of freedom and that of their families, and their unifying determination to help defeat a common enemy. That determination and common cause of freedom led to their love for each other and their willingness to risk their own lives for each other and for freedom.

Writing Books

I have written several thousand essays which appear on this platform. They are mostly concerned with the environment but I think I have already written as much about the environment as i can si I am turning my attention to writing books.

In 2003 “The Master Con Man was published. I have now expanded and revised the book and published it on Amazon Kindle as a eBook.

There will shortly be more to come.

First, “Tears cannot Help Us” will come out soon as a eBook. It is a romantic novel set before and during the Second World War, based on the true lives of my parents. I will use the pen name “Robert Blacklord” for this.

Next will come an erotic fantasy set in a dystopian world – “Journey Through Reality” and I will publish it under the pen name of Seth Harrigan. This will be the first of a trilogy.

Finally there will be a trilogy of legal fiction set in the 1980s set around a lawyer, Richard Lantern.

I hope that you will be interested in these books and I will announce them here as and when they are published.

The Master Con Man

I have revised and updated and expand the Master Con man and it is now exclusively on Amazon eBooks.

Experts and their Advice

We all have to rely on expert advice to some degree. However, all advice, even from the most eminent expert, needs to be taken as advice, and not as gospel truth.

Experts tend to be narrow specialists in their knowledge and outlook. They think that their expertise is the best solution becasue they have spent so long studying their field of expertise that they have not enough time to study other fields, and so their knowledge is limitec to their speciality.

Thus, if you are ill and go to a physician the physician will tend to advise what he or she knows – usually medication. If you then go to a surgeon, the surgeon will then advise what he or she knows – an operation. A physiotherapist will advise physiotherapy for the same condition. No single specialist has a monopoly on knowledge so it can be dangerous to rely on advice tendered by a specialist rather than by a generalist.

The present corona pandemic is a case in point. the government rightly sought to be led by experts in medicine and pandemics. In particular they seemed to have attached much weight to the calculations of Professor Ferguson as justification for the present lockdown.

Now it seems to me that present Ferguson did not really believe in his calculations. If he did believe in them he would not have met a friend on two occasions in breach of the lockdown regulations because to do so, by his own arithmetic, would have caused the virus to spread. In these circumstances I do not see why the government should rely on professor Ferguson’s expert advice any more, if the learned professor does not believe in his own advice sufficiently to adhere to it.

All expert advice and recommendations should be carefully scrutinised; like the parson’s egg it will be good in parts. It seems to me that some experts lack good old fashioned common sense and common sense, not expertise, is the pre-requisite for sound judgment which in turn should be the basis of all decision making.

Nature Thrives

In sunny early May in London the streets are pretty empty and there is little traffic noise. It is as though central London has paused. Most Londoners are hiding in their homes too frightened of catching COVID-19 to leave the safety of their surroundings. It has been six weeks now and the lockdown has been applied throughout these islands, even in places which have had no signs of the dreaded disease taking hold.

As a result of the emptiness of London, nature, which abhors a vacuum, has found that in these conditions birds and animals thrive, insects thrive.

Governments, who found it easy to create a lockdown now face a much harder task of deciding when and how to end it. It is going to be very difficult to end the lockdown because governments in many countries have so effectively scared the people. It was easy to get public support for the lockdown – “you are in danger because of this problem” was the message. I expect that most people will not willingly accept the end of the lockdown until the message becomes “you are no longer in danger we have solved the problem”.

a vixen with her cubs

In the meantime our native animals, apparently unaffected by the corona-virus, enjoy safety and freedom from intrusive humanity which they have not enjoyed for centuries.