Fracking and Earthquakes

In Weld County, Colorado, fracking at one well has been stopped by the authorities for 20 days, in order to determine whether the fracking is associated with an earthquake of 2.6 magnitude and an earlier earthquake of 3.4 magnitude. Continue reading

The Dead will have to Burn

Let them all come. Let them all breed. Let them all eat. Let them all live, even those whose conception is yet unimagined. We can all squeeze together. Stuffed. The dust of our skins will form our standing mats. All will be fine. Two paces of the vilest earth is room enough for the living; the dead will have to burn.

I fear nano-drones

I should get myself a drone. It seems that many law enforcement agencies have drones and even some people are using them to record the activities of law enforcement agencies, although I have no doubt that this will soon be stopped by new laws making it illegal to record the activities of law enforcement agencies from drones. Until those laws come, it would be nice to have a drone. Continue reading

It is later than I thought

It is later than I thought, and I thought it late already. Time will come and has gone, all at once; it is amoral and neither living nor dead, an apolitical organ: we who experience time are merely held by a door whose closing we fear and fail to see that the door is revolving.

Where are my words?

I cannot find words today, I might have lost them. I have looked for them almost everywhere. They are not languishing in a drawer and are certainly not in the bathroom or in a cupboard. The tables do not have them and the computer claims that my words have not yet been written, but I know I had them and now I cannot find them. Perhaps I left them in the car, or dropped them on the way to work. Wherever they are they are my words and if you find them, will you kindly return them to me?

The Crime of Wonga

The leopard cannot change its spots and pay day lenders follow a long tradition of usurious lenders who use two kinds of tactics to manipulate people. The first tactic is to pretend to be a jolly, friendly organisation that exists more to help people than to make a profit. Modern communications helps; Continue reading


We have all been distracted. Distraction is a wonderful thing; it soothes our minds away from the things that we should care about and points our thinking in the direction of what we want, not what we need. It is a tart, rather than a mistress, gratifying for a while and then no more. Continue reading