Four New Year’s Resolutions for Gordon Brown

Someone asked me what by resolutions for the New Year would be. I decided that whatever resolutions I may make are not as important as those made by world leaders, so I  have made a list of suggested resolutions for Gordon Brown, who is the political leader of my country:- Continue reading

Robert Frost and the end of the world

Robert Frost is, I think, the greatest of genuine American poets, someone who speaks from his heart but speaks from an understanding of nature, someone for whom the climate was a friend with its caprices and jealousies and help and betrayals. Frost was a Californian who spent time in England but moved to and wrote of New England and its seasons and idiosyncrasies, as a mirror of the world. Continue reading

Let’s not waste money on PPE courses

It is human nature, personal human nature, to want to achieve something. Many think in terms of bettering themselves; many think of creating a better life for their children. Others want to achieve fame or financial success. Continue reading

Saving money on climate change

We are now into the time of saving money. For years nations have lived beyond their real means, What they thought was gold was merely gold plated and the dreams of wealth for all created en passant by those who pursue wealth for themselves have proved to be, like all dreams, illusions. This is a game in which a handful of people win but a mass of humanity lose. Continue reading

Why the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen Failed

Why did the climate change conference in Copenhagen fail? Mr Obama says that people are right to be disappointed with its outcome. Those folk who claimed that the conference, although not a resounding success, should be praised because it took a very important first step have been whistling in the wind. Continue reading

Merry Christmas

I wish all my readers a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year


Protecting us against the weather of the future

The United Kingdom has had some now, as forecast, and as forecast by the Automobile Association there seems to have been a shortage of grit to go round or the Local Authorities responsible for gritting the roads did not manage to get their acts together to grit the main roads. Continue reading

Let us abolish the House of Lords

There are many things wrong with the British Constitution. The constituencies for the house of commons are not even of equal approximate size, there is an unfairness and imbalance which enables the Scots and the Labour Party to have an unfair and unelected advantage over the other parties, the system is unfair to smaller parties that have significant support but the biggest scandal relates to the second chamber of Parliament, the House of Lords. Continue reading

A Christmas present from Copenhagen

The leaders of the world have sent the peoples of the world a Christmas present all the way from Copenhagen. The leaders, their entourages and publicists and apologists set off to Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago, and told us that they would protect our planet from the thing we fear the most – climate change. Continue reading

Energy efficiency of homes marginally improves over a decade

There are twenty two million dwellings in the United Kingdom; the vast majority of these are houses, as opposed to flats. More than eighteen million families live in houses, according to a recently published survey by the Department of Communities and Local Government. Continue reading