Slaves to Your Wealth

There have been many great fortunes created since the millennium began. I suppose we should congratulate those who have made great fortunes, but forgive me if I am less than congratulatory. Balzac said that behind every great fortune stands a great crime. I am not sure if that applies to most great fortunes but I expect that it applies to the vast majority of them. Continue reading

Bitter Times Ahead

The equinox has passed, summer is well and truly ended in London and although we might enjoy some cool sunshine, the days are drawing in and we must prepare for winter. In London most are poorer than they have been for many years and most of the children will enjoy a less safe and less prosperous life than their parents lived. Continue reading

Freezing Energy Prices

The price of energy is a problem, partly because people in the United Kingdom are not used to paying high energy prices and partly because the price increases have continued while household incomes in real terms are falling. Continue reading

Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report has just been published. As is the way these days snippets have been released before publication and the headline is that the scientists say that they are 95% certain that climate change is mainly, or dominantly caused by human activity.  Continue reading

Governments Waste Money

Governments waste money. When you work to earn your living and out of your work you pay your taxes, whether on the amount you have earned of whether from the things that you buy with the fruits of your work, you must accept that the share of your time – around 42% – that you pay to the government, will be used for the common good, but a significant part of it will be wasted. Continue reading

A Million is a Large Number but…

A million is a large number. If you counted a million taking a second to count each number it will take you more than twelve days. But words are not numbers; they cost time but the cost is not expensive and affordable by almost everyone.

The daily post has become a habit. Continue reading

The Change of Pace in the Economy

The economy is apparently changing reasonably quickly as each new set of statistics shows a small improvement on the last set of economic statistics, but we must be careful not to confuse the pace of change with a change of pace. Continue reading

Climate Change – it is not our fault and it is not happening

Although the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have not yet published their latest report, governments are getting nervous about climate change. The recession has caused many governments, including that of the United Kingdom, to ask scientists to explain why global warming appears to have “paused” in the last decade. Can this “pause” be consistent with the theory of global warming? Is the planet really warming up, or are all those scientists simply wrong? Continue reading

Sometimes we need to have a lazy day

Sometimes we need to have a lazy day. Our personal energy for physical activity or mental strife is not limitless. Each night we sleep because we need to rest but sleep in itself is not enough rest. Our dreams will stir our minds, perhaps making sense of our waking hours or a memory, half remembered and long lost. Continue reading

Laxatives do not make you thin

A few years ago in the United Kingdom every Energy Minister appointed by the then Labour government could not refrain from talking about carbon capture and storage as a way of declining the rapid onset of climate change. Government time was spent talking about the concept and taxpayers’ money was spent on the idea. I have always thought that investing in carbon storage and sequestration was a bit like an obese person trying to cure obesity by taking an emetic once a year and taking a powerful laxative twice a year. By these means the obese person would remain obese, but still have the pleasure of claiming that something was being done about his obesity. Continue reading