New Years is Coming But Old Problems will Remain

As the old year turns into the new year, the old problems remain, getting more complicated and less soluble. It seems that Israel is entitled to exist as a State, but that Palestine is not so entitled. Continue reading

Thirteen Years: that is a long time

Totalitarian regimes brook not dissent, ever. Democratically elected regimes also brook no dissent, but have to find ways do quashing dissent without appearing to infringe the rights of the dissenters. Shaker Aamer is a dissenter, it would seem, but I cannot say that he is, because his views have never been given a platform. Continue reading

Bomb Them

Mr Obama has developed a strategy to defeat the Islamic State. His strategy is threefold but that strategy only one part is new; Continue reading

The World is a Wicked Place

In the tortured lands of Syria and Iraq an American journalist has been beheaded apparently by a man who spoke with an accent which indicated that he originally came from London or the South East of England. Because it is a journalist who has been murdered other journalists place undue emphasis on the crime.TV and radio news programmes are filled with speculation on the crime. Experts have told us that returning Britons from the Islamic State pose a serious threat to us in the United Kingdom. Our Prime Minister has had to speak to Mr Obama about the crime and Mr Cameron has cut short his Cornwall holiday. Continue reading

War Crimes

It is rather upsetting to learn of British soldiers who posed in triumph with the dead body of one of their enemies, while other soldiers took pictures. This behaviour is contrary to the Geneva Convention, but perhaps we can forgive these young men who we send to fight in wars that cannot be won for the glorification and wealth of their political masters. Continue reading

Assuming Words Have Meanings

When you hear words you usually assume that the words spoken are meaningful. This is not always the case. Some words are spoken to confuse and when you do not understand what is spoken you usually assume that the fault in understanding lies with you. However when actions are undertaken those actions are invariably meaningful and although we may understand them but imperfectly, we can have some understanding of them. Continue reading

An Odd Prize

There have been some odd winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. These include Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama, The notion of a prize for peace being awarded with the money and in the name of a man who invented and man a considerable fortune from weapons of mass destruction, such as dynamite, is odd in itself, so it is perhaps not usual to find from time to time people have been awarded the peace prize who do not appear to have made any contribution to peace in the world. Continue reading