Rescuing The Climbers of Everest

When people go to climb Mount Everest those people know that they will be risking their lives. they assume the risk for the thrill of climbing the world’s highest mountain, knowing that if something goes wrong their lives will be in great danger. Climbing Mount Everest has become a thrill seeking tourist attraction since Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing made the first recorded climb in 1953. When the earthquake struck Nepal recently there were a thousand people climbing the mountain in various stages. Continue reading

How to Defraud People

Barclays has set aside £800 million to pay fines for being involved in rigging foreign exchange markets. In November, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS JP Morgan Chase, Citibank and Bank of America have all be fined for rigging foreign exchange markets. No one has gone to prison and the ill-gotten gains for these frauds cumulatively must exceed many billions of dollars. The lesson of this is obvious. Continue reading

Don’t Tell Mr Barroso That!

All the big oil companies claim to be aware of global warming and all claim to be fighting it in their own ways. It is good publicity for them. The truth, of course, is that all oil companies want to see their businesses prosper and unfortunately if we were to do anything to reduce emissions their businesses would fail, or else reduce in size quite considerably. It should therefore come as no surprise that Shell have been lobbying the European Union very aggressively and it seems persuasively to reduce renewable energy targets. This was part of the negotiations which led to an EU wide climate agreement in October 2014 which the then European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, said was “real progress” in the fight against climate change. Continue reading


I gone the whole eight yards many times, and even traveled the whole eight and a half yards a few times. I have missed better than a mile and had things that were a dime for half a dozen. I have even gone back to square two and counted my chickens before they hatched as well as chased tame geese.

You see, I adjust my destination according to my achievement.

Keep it Clean

A hundred and fifty years ago Joseph Lister discovered that simple hygiene for surgeons, doctors and nurses would prevent most commonplace diseases contracted after operations in hospitals. He introduced a regime of washing hands and clothes of surgeons and sterilising surgical instruments with results that astounded surgeon of the day. Since then doctors all over the world recognised the importance of cleanliness in hospitals. Continue reading

Canada’s C-51 Bill

If you discount acts against indigenous peoples, there has been no act of terrorism in Canada for more than ten years. Of course, there are and will always been wicked people who commit crimes, but for many years Canada has avoided most of the criminal terrorism that has scarred the Middle East and affected Europe. This probably means that the Canadian law enforcement and terrorism prevention forces are robust and doing a decent job. Continue reading

Counting Conundrum

I spend too much time counting time. I count the seconds as I watch or play or walk or try to keep myself alive a little longer. I have wasted too much time counting; I know how to count. I have always known how to count but once I did not know the names of the numbers.