How to Repel an Attack on Freedom

Which is most important to us – freedom or safety? Freedom is always tested by danger and the limits of freedom, and its companion tolerance, are pushed back by vicious acts. Continue reading

Scientists losing the Climate Change Plot

You would have thought that the scientists who work on climate change science would be only too pleased to share the data they gather, upon which they base their climate change calculations. After all every scientific theory needs tested and retested and tested again by as many different qualified people as possible. It is only by such a process of peer review that the science gains credibility and with credibility comes public acceptance. Climate change certainly needs to be studied by as many people as possible because it is important that the public accepts the theory. Continue reading

The Decline of Western Civilisation

Our Western culture – the civilisation of Europe and the USA and Canada has dominated the world for many centuries. It has been the most affluent and successful society in these times. Most of the wealth and inventions have originated from western culture. Is our Western society going to remain dominant or will the cultures and civilisations of China, Arabia and India overtake us and dominate us? Is our culture in decline or are other cultures simply developing to compete with ours? Continue reading

The Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment Scheme

On Monday 1st August a new UK government incentive is available for up to 25,000 homes for householders who opt to install a renewable heating system. A householder can get a grant of as much as £1,250 towards the installation costs of solar heating panels, air and ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers. Those who are not on the gas grid network will get precedence as they will almost inevitably be heating their homes and their water using electricity or heating oil, instead of natural gas, which is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly of all the fossil fuels. Continue reading

Frost Damage in Heat Pipes

German manufactured products are famous for being rigorously tested. One of the leading test institutes is TUV Rheinland which has a special expertise in testing thermal solar evacuated tubes. Evacuated tube solar collectors were originally designed by Dornier in Germany. There are various kinds of evacuated tubes but one popular and expensive kind is the tube which contains a heat pipe – a sealed pipe which usually contains a fluid which expands and contracts according to the heat and delivers heat through a manifold through which a freeze resistant glycol is passed as a heat exchange medium. Continue reading

We’re Having a Heat Wave

For nearly a week the mid-east of the United States and Canada has been experiencing record breaking heat. Newark, Washington DC. Baltimore, Portland, Concord, Providence have all had record temperatures at or very close to 42C. In fact some 220 individual heat records for July have been broken. New York City has so far not broken its record, but the thermometer hovers just one degree away from it. In most places the humidity has been high, so it feels even hotter than the temperature records. Continue reading

High Pressure Energy Selling

When there are only six major sellers of domestic energy, which is a product that cannot be improved or changed, the sellers of energy can only compete for market share. There are a number of ways of competing for market share. You can advertise, send mail shots to potential customers, or put a sales person in front of the customer. Continue reading

Blogging my life away

Have I been blogging my life away?

I wrote my first post on 29th October 2007, and have posted something every day, even if it is merely a Christmas or Easter greeting. I have now sat down in front of a computer with a view to writing something for this blog more than one thousand three hundred at sixty times, and each time a few or a lot of words have been consigned to my computer’s hard drive and from there sent hurtling soundlessly through the internet to reach the blog. I have now written articles for this blog and have had it seen by more than 300,000 “all time views” counted by the blog site managers, word press. There have been other views on other sites, whose numbers I cannot compute. I do not know how many different individuals have seen this. This site has generated more than 3,800 comments. I have not counted the words but I would guess that I have written more than a million of them for this site.

What happened to the oil and gas released at Deepwater Horizon?

The Gulf of México is a very large body of water and for most of us thousands of miles away. With all of the scandal presently occupying the public about the papers, the politicians and the policemen, it is easy to forget that for three months just more than a year ago the Deepwater Horizon’s well leaked what turned out to be more than four million barrels of gas, oil and similar hydrocarbon substances into the Gulf of México. What has become of it? Continue reading

The Genersys Solar Thermal Guide to the Renewable Heat Incentive for commerce, businesses, industrial and public sector and not for profit organisations

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a United Kingdom government subsidy, financed by the tax payer, to provide incentive payments for those who install renewable heat. It is essentially an incentive to reward renewable heat installations, rather than low carbon emitting installations and covers solar thermal biomass, ground and water source heat pumps, geothermal, biogas and biomethane technologies, but I shall concentrate on the incentive for solar thermal incentive. Continue reading