Utility Disconnections

Times are hard and when times are hard things that we took for granted when times were good become precious desirable luxuries that we can no longer enjoy when times are hard. Continue reading

Ten things that will help reduce the pace of climate change

Ten things that will help reduce the pace of climate change Continue reading

Ten things that will make no difference to climate change

Ten things that will make no difference to climate change

 1. Carbon offsetting

Keep your money in your pocket.

2. Carbon Trading

You cannot use the principles of the casino to help the climate unless the house wins every time

3. The Clean Development Mechanism

No more than a good opportunity for free money for large corporations

4. Biomass burning

Keep the trees in the ground or use them for building homes so that their carbon stores are maintained

5. Biofuels

Food or fuel – you choose.

6. Carbon Sequestration

The energy output from processes using this technology (once it is invented) will mean that we need to burn more fossil fuel for the same energy equivalence.

7. Carbon Storage

One small leak and all that effort is wasted

8. Politicians

Just too scared to take tough measures; they should visit the climate camp

9.  Consultations

Mostly a waste of time and effort.

10. Geo engineering

Playing around with things we don’t understand, but good fun.

How to get to Blackheath’s climate camp and why you should go

If you are stuck in London during the coming Bank Holiday week end you might want, if the weather is fine, to take a trip to Climate Camp at Blackheath. You can get there by bus or train, or even better take a ride on the Dockland Light Railway to Island Gardens, and then keeping George Green’s School on your left walk through the foot tunnel under the Thames and when you are through the tunnel you are in Greenwich, by the Cutty Sark, an old tea clipper. Then head left towards Wren’s Greenwich Hospital (pausing to admire its grandeur and compare it with the school building of George Green’s School on the north bank of the Thames and walk through the heath and you will come to the Climate Camp. Continue reading

The Climate Camp Protest on Blackheath

Climate Camp intends to organise a “green” protest in London about the United Kingdom’s policies which are causing damage to the environment. It is not yet clear where the protest will be held; cell phones and texting allows protestors to choose a location at the last minute and get thousands of their supporters at a given location in order to protest. The publicity that the protest will generate will be significant. The Climate Camp protestors have chosen Blackheath in South East London, just across the River Thames from the forces of capitalism and banking that are ensconced in the City of London and in Docklands. There, on Blackheath, they will literally set up a camp and stay there for a week, until the 2nd of September. Continue reading

Climate change and evolution

There have been three more snippets of news recently which add to our knowledge of actual climate change, but not directly necessarily to why the climate is changing so rapidly. Continue reading

Subsidies for the nuclear energy industry

The United Kingdom Government has pledged that any new nuclear power plants will be built without public subsidy. If their pledge holds good it will be a relief to those of us running solar thermal businesses; traditional energy companies enjoy advantages that those in the renewable industry have never received. Continue reading

The mercy of Scots Justice

There has been a great deal of anger in the United States about Scotland’s decision to release Mr Megrahi on compassionate grounds. The United States clearly tried to pressure Scotland into not releasing Mr Megrahi for its own political reasons and now that the Scots have decided to let the terminally ill man return home some Americans are calling the decision a political one. Continue reading

Energy Savings Trust – the bias of experts

The Energy Savings Trust are floating an idea that in six years time homes which have an energy rating of “F” or “G” should not be allowed to be sold or rented out. The idea is intended to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from homes, especially emissions of carbon dioxide, and means well but there are a number of disadvantages which need to be thought through. Continue reading

The future of wind energy

In the United Kingdom’s Isle of Wight a wind turbine factory operated by Vestas had to close. That closure in itself got some publicity which was increased when some of the firm’s works decided to occupy the buildings in protest, until they were ejected after court process. There was a striking contrast between a wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight and the Government’s determination to reduce carbon emissions. Continue reading