How to Defeat Isis

I am not a pacifist but I do abhor war. History teaches that we must defend ourselves from aggression and nations are entitled to do that and when they do that they must pursue their defence with all possible means that accord to the rules of war and are consistent with accepted civilised conduct. The activities of ISIS in Syria and Iraq are considered by many world leaders to be a threat to many nations and those leaders believe that threat extends to acts of terrorism carried out in places other than Syria and Iraq.  Continue reading

Irony Squared

Taking advice from Tony Blair about how to defeat the Islamic State would be rather like treading a well worn path that leads to Avernus, yet that does not prevent Mr Blair from proffering advice nor does it prevent the media from reporting his advice.  Continue reading

A Calm Day in London

It is a calm day in London but elsewhere in the world there is much turbulence. In South Carolina, Continue reading

This Deadly Soap Opera

The world ‘s nations have always had contradictions and hypocrisies when it comes to dealing with their foreign affairs. Two hundred years ago in Northern Europe there were wars between Russia France and various other nations in the Baltic. In these wars some nations fought against other nations who were their allies in a different fight in a different part of the Baltic areas. The British interfered to attempt to change the politics and diplomacy of the region in their favour. Today in the Middle East we see the same mixture of alliances with some nations almost fighting themselves in an effort to secure dominance over a region. Continue reading

When Was Iraq A Better Place?

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War of 2003 will now not report its findings until 2016. That, of course, is quite disgraceful. The great and the good who were concerned in promoting the Iraq War desire the war to be treated as history rather than current affairs. The longer the inquiry lasts the less possibility there is of any key people in the decision making ever being called to account for their actions or face any proceedings that justice may require. Continue reading

Exit, Pursued by ISIS

No good deed is said to go unpunished but many attempts to do good deeds are thwarted by the treat of punishment or actual punishment. Antigonus learned that, no doubt cursing as the bear chased him away from the baby. In world affairs an attempts to do a good deed, remove dictators and replace them with democratically elected politicians, we have seen that the attempt to do a good deeds have been chased away by larger less predictable and more serious threats. as the democratically elected leaders who replaced dictators are being chased away by ISIS. Continue reading

The Innocence of Youth

It is difficult for me to understand the relentless news coverage of the case of three young women who left their school i Bethnal Green to join the Islamic State in Syria. Of course I can understand the initial media excitement in the story, as a human interest story, but we have now had many days in which the United Kingdom newspapers, radio stations and television programmes have led on various aspects of this story. Continue reading