The Rule of Law Does Not Exist

The rule of law is an inconvenient concept for rulers. King Charles II thought that he was above the law, as did King Henry VIII. Dictators often pay lip service to the rule of law, and act as if they were to law. However the concept of law being a force which limits rulers powers is an old concept and was developed in what are now the Western Democracies as a means of controlling the excesses of tyrants and making them accountable to those they rule. Unfortunately in most western democracies the rule of law is ignored from time to time when law and justice proves and obstacle in achieving political aims. Continue reading

I fear nano-drones

I should get myself a drone. It seems that many law enforcement agencies have drones and even some people are using them to record the activities of law enforcement agencies, although I have no doubt that this will soon be stopped by new laws making it illegal to record the activities of law enforcement agencies from drones. Until those laws come, it would be nice to have a drone. Continue reading

War Crimes

It is rather upsetting to learn of British soldiers who posed in triumph with the dead body of one of their enemies, while other soldiers took pictures. This behaviour is contrary to the Geneva Convention, but perhaps we can forgive these young men who we send to fight in wars that cannot be won for the glorification and wealth of their political masters. Continue reading

Bring Back our Girls; bring back our drones

Sometimes stating the obvious is difficult, because what becomes commonplace becomes accepted and once accepted it can be very hard to see the hypocrisy and evil in what is accepted. Continue reading

Hey did we just kill a kid?

In one of those entertaining but reasonably shallow political debates between two leaders of minor parties here in the United Kingdom one leader, Mr Farage, claimed that the European Union was in the process of creating its own air force. Later a journalist rather sneeringly commented that the EU was not creating an air force merely combining to create some EU drones. Continue reading

Does anyone outside Afghanistan really care?

The United States of America launched a drone attack a few days ago. The drone contained a bomb which exploded on a home in Southern Afghanistan, killing a two year old child and injuring two women. Continue reading

The Futility of Revenge

The killing in the Middle East never seems to stop. I cannot list all the killings; 23 people were killed in Pakistan while paying their respects at the funeral of a police officer, more than 30 were killed by a series of bombs in Baghdad and there are many more incidents of killings which are conducted in the expectation of solving a particular problem. Continue reading

Mr Obama is a hopeful sort of chap

Mr Obama has praised Mr Mandela. Mr Obama has said that Mr Mandela is an inspiration to the world, kind words as Mr Mandela lies on his deathbed. Mr Obama’s well timed visit to South Africa enables Mr Obama to say the nicest things about Mr Mandela, his love for humanity and Mr Mandela’s yearning for justice, Mr Mandela’s principles, and so forth, and so forth. Why, Mr Obama even spoke on the telephone to Mr Mandela’s wife. Continue reading

Drone Deaths and Marathon Murders

Killing people is wrong. Life is too valuable and precious to be wasted.In the United States Mr Obama has mourned the death of some innocents killed at the Boston Marathon. We wonder why anyone would choose to kill with bombs while people are innocently watching a sporting event. The deaths will be justified in the minds of the perpetrators.They will have their reasons, whether it be revenge or hatred, they will have their reasons. Three dead at Boston, many wounded and the world mourns; the world mourns at events to show sympathy for the three Americans who lost the lives and the many maimed and injured. Continue reading

Whose fault is the War?

There is a long lasting war going on in many places between Islamic fundamentalists and the major Western democracies. The war is shown in small actions of great violence and in large actions of little violence. Nations have been invaded, lives lost, prosperity and economies ruined and people have been degraded. This has happened to both sides, and as is usual no one actually wins a war, but whose fault is the war? Continue reading