The Climate Camp Protest on Blackheath

Climate Camp intends to organise a “green” protest in London about the United Kingdom’s policies which are causing damage to the environment. It is not yet clear where the protest will be held; cell phones and texting allows protestors to choose a location at the last minute and get thousands of their supporters at a given location in order to protest. The publicity that the protest will generate will be significant. The Climate Camp protestors have chosen Blackheath in South East London, just across the River Thames from the forces of capitalism and banking that are ensconced in the City of London and in Docklands. There, on Blackheath, they will literally set up a camp and stay there for a week, until the 2nd of September. Continue reading

Labour party donations – Have you got any spare change?

In a democracy we the people permit others to govern us on two key conditions; first they must be elected by a democratic process (however imperfect that may be) and secondly that they protect us and rule for our good. Nothing else persuades us to surrender the personal sovereignty that we have in our free will and transfer part of it to a government.  Continue reading