Answering Questions on the Renewable Heat Incentive

The long awaited, long overdue Renewable Heat Incentive finally looks as though it will be launched. The Department of Energy and Climate Change Minsiter, Greg Barker and I have been having some indirect correspondence through my MP, Mike Freer, in an effort to persuade DECC to get their act together and get the RHI up and running. Continue reading

The Great Deliverers

Governments, whether elected or not, begin their work with great ambitions and good intentions. Governing people requires both the adjustment of laws and the supervision and direction of administration. You can only make significant adjustments in laws using principles – or a political philosophy. New governments usually want to change the political philosophy of the old government.

Mr Obama wanted to adopt a more liberal philosophy and so did Mr Blair. Their liberalism is founded in community liberalism, like weak socialism. The opponents of this philosophy want to adopt more individualistic policies. The argument is between caring community liberalism (such as socialism, communism and theocracies) on the one hand and individual freedom (such as conservatism, and democratic movements) on the other hand. One side can call the other uncaring and be answered with the epithet of being against freedom. Those two differing political philosophies seem to me to be the fundamental political arguments that have prevailed since the beginning of recorded time.

A new young government is full of hope and desire. It has held itself out as being capable of changing the present order, of being a great deliverer from the sins and injustices that afflict the lives of people. Their leaders have acquired their position on the basis of a promise of delivering the people from evil.

After years of office the adjustment of laws becomes no longer a matter of principle and the supervision and direction of administration is no longer conducted justly. Although modern leaders, those great deliverers from evil, now have the opportunity, of which they partake, to surfeit, of making a great deal of money from their having simply been leaders, they all end up morally and philosophically, like Samson, and so when their office ends where are they?

“Ask for this great Deliverer now, and find him

Eyeless in Gaza at the Mill with slaves”


Mr Bush and his water board

Mr Bush has written his book. In the grand tradition of underpaid public servants this former President of the United States is publicising his book by having parts of it serialised in newspapers. His Presidency in my view was characterised by cowardice and bullying. He allowed himself to be hidden from sight when the Twin Towers were blown up, until he was advised that it was safe to emerge. This is not the action of a brave man. He also punished Iraq for something that Iraq did not do, claiming that Iraq was involved in the Twin Towers and owned threatening but unspecified weapons of mass destruction. Continue reading

Denying blame for the Iraq War

Various political office holders and civil servants and spin doctors have trooped in an out of the inquiry about the Iraq War. Each one has tried to distance himself from the decision to go to war. “Nuffin to do with me, Governor,” seems to be the party line whether it was the former Minister of Defence Mr Hoon, or Mr Alistair Campbell the defence to the invasion of Iraq is a mixture of “let’s blame the intelligence agencies and or George Bush and or Tony Blair and others. Continue reading

Mr Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

Mr Obama was elected to the office of president of the United States just over a year ago and he assumed office, as is the way in America, at the end of January this year. He has been continuing the wars that his country, together with many other countries, are fighting in Iraq and in Afghanistan; it should be said that if Mr Obama withdrew American forces from these places American Allies would probably be the first to leave with an alacrity that would surprise those who have been following the military events. However, while Mr Obama keeps the USA in these wars then the wars will go on, supported probably unwillingly and certainly half heartedly, by America’s allies. Continue reading

The world’s leaders speak about climate change

I am sitting in my hotel room very early on a dark Californian morning, after a cramped flight and a sleepless night. The Orange County skyline is littered lights that no one needs. On the freeway from the airport the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (two or more people per car) were empty but the other lanes were full. Mr Obama is about to address the United Nations in New York on climate change so I have my television tuned to listen to what he has to say. Continue reading

Do we really believe in Climate Change?

I have called this series of posts “Ideas for the Environment” because the starting point for all environmental protection and preservation has to be from ideas.  We are making a mess of our children’s inheritance and are self negligent trustees of what we administer for future generations. Continue reading

Switching to renewables to improve the economy and save the world

The economy of the world is going through turbulent times. It is likely to recover quickly, and the recovery will last for several years, but even more difficult times will arrive. What I think will happen is this; the problems in the banking industry, almost wholly created by a combination of unsustainable greed and lack of proper regulation, will be fixed. There will be regulation to control the greed and that control will lead to a less speculative system in which bankers will not find it so easy to build personal wealth at the expense of the wistful savings of ordinary people.  Continue reading

Getting more oil out of the ground and why it won’t make a difference to energy prices

When oil prices spiralled many politicians abandoned their green postures and decided that we needed more oil and quickly too. They said that we should get more oil out of the ground which would lower energy prices.They ceased to express their rather newly found environmental sentiments because no doubt they decided that the short term interests of their countries and of their own electability had priority over the long term interests of the planet. Continue reading

Hard decisions

I remember Tony Blair frequently telling the nation that from time to time leaders have to make hard decisions and that he was the person responsible for making them. That was his job. He had to make hard decisions. 

Gordon Brown also thinks it is necessary to convince the nation that he is no softie and is also capable of making the hard decisions that the country expects him to make. In the United States George Bush also talks about how he can and does make hard decisions.   Continue reading