…And the Whole World Goes Blind

There has been so much killing, caused as a punishment for other killing, there have been so many murders. that the cause of all these deaths is now hard to discern. We can know the immediate cause of the deaths of nearly 300 Russians who were blown up when returning from holiday in Egypt, or the immediate cause of the 126 people who were murdered in Paris, but not the root causes of these events which are shrouded in the thick fog of history and as such open to misinterpretation or complete misunderstanding. Continue reading

What Should I Do With My Poppy?

On Wednesday last week I took off my poppy. I had worn it to symbolise something but symbols are less important than the things they symbolise so at the end of the prescribed period for remembrance I yanked the poppy from my lapel, gently, and then had to decide what should become of the red and green paper and plastic which I had worn. Continue reading

The Holy Night

Rich men design their tombs

Opulent when built, impressive when filled

But everything fades and crumbles

There is no insect floating on the sea

Although the waves are gone

No foam, no wonder

Just stillness at the holy night’s beginning


The poor entreat their souls make do

Without a mausoleum

Perhaps an ossuary will suffice if fortune favours corpses

But everything fades and crumbles

Changing states that outward form

No life, no wonder

Just despair at the holy night’s ending