Robert Kyriakides is a qualified solicitor and environmentalist. You can see more information at www.robertkyriakides.com



I started this weblog on 30th October 2007. It comprises my ideas comments and opinions about energy, environmental problems and other matters that crop up in the news. I shall try to write a new post every day.

Comments are welcomed. Comments are only edited if they contain inappropriate language or offensive material. When editing comments I ensure that the substance of them is kept.

If you want to use a nom de plume that’s fine by me; I will never reveal your email address or pass it on to anyone; I take the view that if you make a comment you are doing just that, not creating a marketing opportunity, so I shall respect your privacy, although I do reserve the right to freely comment on your comment.

I read every comment posted on the blog.

I try to be as accurate as possible, but I am not a journalist, so when i comment on a topic I am basing my comments on the fact that most reputable journals and broadcast media try to be accurate. You will from time to time find factual inaccuracies; if you do please post a comment, so that we all may learn from you.

Most of the entries will be about environmental matters, particularly microgeneration and government policy. We do need to change government policy and the ideas that I set out may, I hope, bring about a change for the better. I shall also occasionally write about law and justice. It is inevitable that my writings touch upon politics. I do not support any political party. That said, I believe that democracy freedom and justice are essential to life.

You will find out many of my ideas in “the Energy Age” and you can follow the link to Amazon or the link to Genersys to find out more. In the Energy Age I analysed energy and suggested four principles relating to its use. I think it is very important to work from fundemental principles; we do not have to applaud success measured in monetary units. We have to applaud those who act from principles, fundamental principles, even where they might be very unpopular.

I am very happy if you want to link to my blog, or quote or publish extracts from it provided that the meaning is not distorted, without seeking specific permission, provided that you credit me with the quotation. If you want to publish a whole article from my blog please contact me. I would normally be pleased to give permission, as the whole point of the blog is to get my views across and get reactions from readers, which will help me develop and refine and improve my ideas.

I hope that this weblog will also prove a useful resource for those looking into renewable energy and its environmental effects. The search facility or the tags and headings can be used to see the various posts on a topic.

I am now providing some of the sources of information that I have used, but as I do not want the log to read like an academic treatise if you feel you need information about my facts or if you wish to challenge assertion or if you can augment or add some facst of which I am unaware please post a comment on the relevant blog and I will do my best to provide the information promptly.

I have added some short stories, some poetry and some words and music; none of these have been published before.

I assert copyright and moral rights as author in the contents of my writings that appear in this blog. I also assert the copyright and moral rights as composer of Chris Calcroft in the original music that appears in the words and music section of this blog.

Robert Kyriakides


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  1. Hi Robert,

    I have a couple of new infographics you may be interested in:

    Why build green? Green building is smart building. Though LEED-certified buildings cost just 1 to 2% more than conventional buildings, public perception is quite a different thing. This infographic makes a case for the financial, environmental, health and productivity benefits of building green.

    How energy gets used and wasted in the home – Buildings account for 50 percent of natural resource use, 39 percent of total energy consumption and 12 percent of water consumption. Yet so much of this is waste. This infographic points out the average monthly kilowatt hour consumption in the home according to each appliance, the ratio of energy use that goes towards certain activities such as space heating and refrigeration, the location of greatest air leakage in the home and annual hot water usage.

  2. One of the links was wrong in the above comment. The green building infographic is located at: http://greenbuildingcanada.ca/2012/why-build-green-infographic/

  3. Hi Robert. Could you just tell me the situation with Genersys at the moment. I’ve got their panels on my roof but I’m told they are no longer in business (?) Is that worldwide or just the UK. And is it still possible to sourch spare parts in the UK. Thanks a lot. John

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