The Death Penalty

There are many ways of killing people and humanity seems to have a taste for death closely followed by a taste for mourning; this is what we learn from great wars. However, in peacetime, some nations kill their citizens as a result of a judicial process. I have always thought the death penalty as barbaric, uncivilised and flawed. It certainly is flawed in that mistakes happen and when a person is executed it is too late to make restitution if it is found that the person should not have been executed. Continue reading

And so the killing does not stop

Juergen Todenhoefer was allowed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to spend some time with them. He talked about his experiences and talked a great deal of sense. Continue reading


Killing people seems to have become fashionable again;  things are not what they seem:it was always thus. One hundred years after the start of a war that killed millions of people for no discernible reason other than the wickedness of humanity, it seems that humanity is anxious to repeat the orgy of mass destruction. There are people who present themselves as religious people motivated by a desire for peace who see no way to create peace except by killing those that the religious people deem desirable to be killed. Continue reading