Fire Testing of Genersys Panels

Solar panels on top of roofs get hot. Even PV solar panels that produce electricity get hot – in fact the hotter the sun the less electricity they produce. Solar water heating panels also get hot and that heat is useful. At Genersys we design solar thermal panels for water heating to get hot, but not too hot, and to be safe in all circumstances. Continue reading

Solar electricity panels reduce the value of your home but solar water heating improves the value of your home

The press seemed to have cottoned on to a fact that I first reported about solar panels that produce electricity. As I have previously explained these are often “given” away free. In reality they are not given away but remain firmly in the ownership of the company that persuaded the homeowner to have the PV panels installed. They are so much in that ownership that the home owner has to grant a twenty five year lease of the roof space on which the PV panels sit. In return the home owner gets free use of the daytime electricity that the panels produce (usually worth £150 per annum) but the owner of the panels gets the subsidy from the government for the next twenty five years usually worth at the outset £1500. Continue reading

My Response to the Latest Renewable Heat Incentive Consultation

The United Kingdom’s Department of Energy & Climate Change has been pussy-footing around with the Renewable Heat Incentive. there is another short consultation which closes on 23rd April 2012. You can get the web link to the consultation at

I have replied to the consultation on behalf of Genersys Plc. I set out my response below:- Continue reading

The Incompetence of Governments

I have been running a thermal solar energy business in the United Kingdom (Genersys) for more than ten years. This deals in solar water heating panels and is a renewable energy technology, which provides almost emission free  energy. During that time I have been astonished by the incompetence of government when it comes to energy matters. Fossil fuel, or renewable, governments and civil servants do not understand what they are doing and seem incapable of making the very simple and basic decisions which would require common sense and intelligence. Continue reading

Solar Thermal systems and Heat Dumps

Chris Flaherty is Genersys’s technical expert who has travelled the world supervising and advising on the installation of Genersys thermal solar panels. As a result he has seen many alternative ways of heating water and many different types of panels. With the Renewable Heat Incentive gaining momentum there will be installers who are not familiar with some of the techniques and intricacies of thermal solar (or solar water heating) and may well have gaps in the knowledge which the qualification courses they have been on have not covered. We will aim to fill in some of the gaps and one of the issues is heat dumps. Continue reading

The Quality of Solar Water heating Systems

Genersys’ head of engineering and installation is Chris Flaherty. Chris is an expert in Genersys thermal solar water heating systems and has experience in fitting and supervising systems all over the world, from Santiago in Chile to Amman in Jordan and from the Sahara Desert in Algeria to the very North of Scotland. Continue reading

My Voice is Too Small

Political connections and a strong lobby group can do things that a good cause and holding the right moral position cannot. When governments make decisions they succumb to the influence of the powerful. Continue reading

Happy Christmas from Genersys Plc

Why we should spend on Renewable Energy

There is a kind of unreasoned hysteria which affects some people when it comes to measures to control climate change. Those who do not think climate change a threat are doomsayers; they hold that if we spend our money on solar panels and wind turbines it will bring economic ruin, as these devices are far too expensive to be justified. They argue that such expenditure will make our lives unduly expensive and make our industries and services uncompetitive. In fact the doom and gloom spread by these ideas is at least as doomy and gloomy as the doom and gloom spread by environmentalist who want to control climate change and have nations invest in clean renewable energy. Continue reading

How to reduce your fuel oil bills

In the United Kingdom this time last year heating oil prices soared as very cold weather set in. Overall the price increase suffered was more than 70% in some cases. Almost all the homes that use fuel oil are off the gas grid network, and for these homes fuel oil is a cheaper heating alternative than electricity. It offers the same flexibility of heat as gas but much more expensive per unit of heat. Continue reading