New Year’s Resolutions for Energy Ministers


  1. Think small to slow down climate change; think microgeneration.
  2. End massive subsidies for wind farms and photovoltaic electricity
  3. Develop and energy policy, rather than an electricity policy
  4. Use the law to require all homes to be insulated to a decent standard
  5. Use Council Tax reductions as an incentive for microgeneration
  6. Stop wood burning power stations
  7. Force fossil fuel power stations to use the best smoke washing and air cleaning technology
  8. Force cars buses and lorries to limit their engine sizes and their pollution emissions
  9. Stop looking for one big solution; climate change was caused by many small events which accumulate
  10. A bit of humility and less boasting would help the intellectual environment

Looking Over Your Shoulder

Sometimes you have to look over your shoulder to see what is behind you, but usually it is better to keep your eyes firmly ahead and move quickly, so that the past stays behind you and that you enjoy the moment in which you live. There is little wisdom is remembering events that have passed, only a nostalgic sympathy for them. They have shaped what we are in the present, and help us cope with what may come in the future. Experience is not wisdom, and knowledge not understanding.

Odd Things: Churches and Museums

It is rather odd. If you happen to be in Westminster and feel like praying the logical place to pop in for a pray is Westminster Abbey. It is a sumptuous building and stands on a place where Christians have worshipped for mre than a thousand years. However it is rather odd that it would cost you £16 for the privilege. If you a frequent prayer you can save money on your prayers by buying an annual pass for just £36.

If you do not feel like having a pray but wish to reduce your ignorance you can take a short bus ride to the Science museum. However, reducing your ignorance will not cost you a penny. Entry is free.

So we learn that it costs to pray in a church but all is not lost. You can always pray on the cience museum. I am sure that no one who matters will mind.

the creativity and destruction of nature makes all our greatest creations and destructions no more than the vain boast of a foolish mind

With less than three days to go 2012 has proved to be the wettest year in the United Kingdom since records began one hundred and two years ago. It has rained and it has rained and it has rained. Continue reading

Wind Turbines and the foolishness of subsidising them

About ten miles north of Ramsgate, in the middle of the Thames Estuary some 175 offshore wind turbines have been installed and are now operating, as wind turbines operate, in their own misunderstood fashion. If it is windy, and not too windy, the turbines generate electricity. The publicity claims that the wind turbines will generate enough electricity for 470,000 homes but the publicity is imprecise. There are only 22.5 million homes in the United Kingdom and to power them all will need another 50 arrays of similar turbines but unfortunately it is not as simple as that. Continue reading

Happy Boxing Day

Happy Christmas Day

Happy Christmas

A Christmas Verse

Rainy old town; it has flung some of its people away

While the rest of us lie huddled in our shelters

Feeding, yes feasting, on the love we give

While others feed on the love we take.


The sounds of Christmas fill our heads and our spirits

Within and without our glasses

Rise to the sounds of Christmas.


Forget the wet town and the hidden sun;

All will be well

All may not be well

As we hold onto ourselves in sweet remembrance

Our treasured possessions

The treasured possessions of one generation become the junk of the succeeding generation. Continue reading