Talking After Death

Every word has its own vibration; a mix of tone, pitch and sound which makes its own music. When a word is placed next to another word subtle it changes itself and its neighbour. When a sea of words is created a sound of the sea makes a certain, logical music. Continue reading

The Logic of Scottish Independence

The current debate about Scottish independence does not seem so much like a debate about independence but more like a debate about whether Scotland should have more self governing powers than it has at present. Those who favour what they call independence seem to want Scotland to be independent while being dependent on others, which of course is not independence.

1. An independent Scotland would be a sovereign nation in charge of its own destiny, marshaling and deploying its resources as it thinks fit and making important decisions for the benefit of its own people, rather than for the benefit of the whole of the present United Kingdom.

2. Unless an independent Scotland has control over its ability to raise taxes on its people, it can never be truly  independent.

3. Unless an independent Scotland has the ability to issue manipulate its own currency it can never be truly independent.

4. If Scotland can persuade others to permit it to be part of their currency unions (such as the rest of the United Kingdom or the European Union) it will have to issue its own currency.

5. Other currency unions will not permit Scotland to be part of their currency unions unless Scotland adheres to their rules relating to economy and tax policy. Such adherence will severely restrict the ability of Scotland to be in charge of  its own destiny, marshaling and deploying its resources as it thinks fit and making important decisions for the benefit of its own people.

6. If Scotland joins any currency union it will have to a large extent abandoned sovereignty over its economic and fiscal policies, which will be subject to the desires of the larger currency union as a whole.

Having listened to the position of those who favour Scottish independence I have reached the view that they are not arguing for independence but for autonomy within some greater union which protects Scotland and its economy. I have yet to hear any voice demanding true independence.


The Tipping Point and Recent Global Warming

The monthly average measured atmospheric carbon dioxide at Mauna Loa for January 2014 is 397.8 parts per million compared with 395.54 parts per million in January 2013. According to the Earth Systems Research Laboratory at Mona Loa the monthly average measured atmospheric carbon dioxide globally averaged over marine surface sites in December 2013 was 397.21 parts per million. Continue reading

Honouring the Unworthy

Most nations have places where their great minds are honoured; in Britain Westminster Abbey is such a place. It is laden with memorials to monarchs, and statesmen (some of whom deserve to actually be honoured by such memorials) and to poets, great thinkers and writers and innovators in important fields which have relieved human suffering. Continue reading

Fukushima Update

When the Fukushima earthquake and Tsunami happened in 2011 1,607 people died. Since then the Japanese authorities believe that more than 1,656 people have died as a result of the stress, tension, disease and problems that they have suffered as a result of the nuclear accident. 136,000 people are still displaced; some of them are searching for a permanent home in Fukushima alone. Continue reading

The Imminent Threat of a Wedding Procession

In December a drone sent by the United States of America entered Yemen and struck a wedding procession. The US claims that the twelve people killed and the fifteen people injured were all members of Al-Qaeda, but how would they know? Continue reading

The Wettest Winter

The months of December, January and February have been the wettest on record in the southern half of England and Wales, and February still has a week to run. These months have also been considerably warmer than normal. The rain has fallen and the cold has stayed away. Continue reading

The Compensation of Sin is…

I heard Sam Laidlaw, Chief Executive of Centrica who own British Gas, speak on the radio about energy prices on the BBC’s “today” programme on Radio 4. He spoke well, as you would expect from someone who runs a very large company; the arts of propaganda have developed since the days of the late unlamented Dr Goebbels. I was not too interested in what Mr Laidlaw had to say until he answered the last question, which was whether Mr Laidlaw was paid too much. Continue reading

Pop and Pizza for Bobtown’s Fracking Pop

On 11 February this year an explosion occurred in Bobtown Pennsylvania in a shale formation where Chevron was fracking for natural gas. One work is missing presumed dead and the flames caused by the explosion burned for five days. Continue reading