Summer’s Almost Gone

Summer has almost gone now; we have reached the end of July and August will bring, for those who live in Northern Climes, a cooler shorter daytime before the fruits of September come to pass.  Continue reading

We All Lived on Love Street

The late 1960s was quite unlike any other period through which I have lived. We, the young, all lived on Love Street, perhaps not loving as much as we should have loved, but nevertheless loving as we experimented with new freedoms and new joys. We nearly changed the way that people lived, but nearly wins no cigar and eventually greed and the wearisome nature of having to live spoilt our dreams and ambitions for the world. Continue reading

I Miss Albums

New long playing albums are as rare as hen’s teeth. Over the years LPs morphed into compact discs which in turn morphed into downloads and that is a shame. Continue reading

Nice Work If You Can Get it

The latest scandal affecting the House of Lords is nothing unusual nor is it in itself a reason to change the constitutional arrangements to reform this appointed un-elected body of cronies of elected politicians. There are plenty of scandals that affect elected chambers; humans are weak frail and full of hubris so it is not surprising when scandals emerge. The reason to abolish the House of Lords is that it is simply undemocratic.  Continue reading

On Freedom

Many people in this nation think that they are free, but they are mistaken. Our laws bind us very tightly, as do our circumstances. Believing that the acquisition of wealth will make you free is foolish. It will simply replace one set of restrictions with another set of restrictions. The cords that bind us when severed produce new cords, like the hydra, in a never ending mass of bindings.  Continue reading

On Work

When I was young, many years ago, I thought it best not to work too hard and if possible should spend days in pleasure. Subsequently I worked very hard and enjoyed working even though work makes us weary. Continue reading

Earth Abides and the Problems of Things that are Finite

I see our good mother earth in some difficulties these days. her oceans will soon contain more plastic than fish; (I use “soon” not in the sense that humans understand the word, but in the sense the earth understands it). Its atmosphere will soon contain so much heat insulating carbon dioxide that species will have to adapt to a hot climate or become extinct. There will soon be so many humans on earth that they will themselves will have to ration humanity and its proclivities or perish. These are the problems of the things that are finite. Continue reading