New Years is Coming But Old Problems will Remain

As the old year turns into the new year, the old problems remain, getting more complicated and less soluble. It seems that Israel is entitled to exist as a State, but that Palestine is not so entitled. A coalition of Arab Nations sought the United Nations to pass a resolution calling for the creation of a Palestinian State and for an end to Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory. The Security Council voted 8 in favour, five abstentions and two against. One of the two against the resolution was the USA, which has power of veto, and in those circumstances the resolution failed.

The resolution might have had more success if it were drafted simply so as to recognise the Palestinian State, and no more, it would have been difficult for the international community to fail to support it, but in the tangled diplomacy supported by war, bombs, murder and oppression which characterises the Middle East asking for more means getting nothing at all.

Every year thousands die in Palestine, mostly unjustly. This has been going on far too long. It adds to the list of problems which the world cannot solve, created by people, mostly positioning themselves in pursuit of greed, rather than for security, safety or freedom. The wounds created by the Arab-Israeli war in 1967 have been allowed to fester, left untreated, because no one has been brave enough to deal with them.

Despite the so called and self-styled finest political minds of the world being applied to the problem, there has been no solution and not even a hint of a solution to the intractability of all sides.

Perhaps it is time to apply some stupid, apolitical minds to the problem. The person on top of the Clapham omnibus is more likely to solve this problem than the likes of Tony Blair, Barrack Obama and the rest of them.

4 Responses

  1. I am surprised that anyone has the slightest belief in the impartiality of the UN especially when matters israeli are raised. The US veto is controlled by a large israeli complement in congress. For a start, many congressmen have dual US/Israeli citizenship. I ask where does their influence extend to?

  2. In this eight to one horse race, the UN is the new order and like the corporate arm now controlling the world, what is the rest of the good minds and people going to do.

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