Irony Squared

Taking advice from Tony Blair about how to defeat the Islamic State would be rather like treading a well worn path that leads to Avernus, yet that does not prevent Mr Blair from proffering advice nor does it prevent the media from reporting his advice. 
With presumably unintended double irony (or even irony squared) Mr Blair said yesterday on the 7 July 2015 that the way to defeat ISIS is to fight with soldiers on the ground. Mr Blair, having made our nation and the world a more dangerous place by getting rid of Saddam on trumped up charges that Saddam held weapons of mass destruction, and having participated in a war that killed more than ten times the amount of people that Saddam killed and having created the conditions that have enable ISIS to conquer vast swathes of Iraq and Syria, anyone who listens to Mr Blair’s opinion in these matters must be quite demented.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of a terrorist attack in London, an attack made more likely  by the policies that Mr Blair directed. In those circumstances he should have the grace to keep his mouth shut.


One Response

  1. But you’re missing the point.

    He is still the lackey of the Washington mafia (and the middle east’s secret axis of evil). I am sure he does not make such statements in a sincere belief that he is giving advice for the benefit of mankind.

    ‘They’ want a to put soldiers into Syria to force regime change and to enable Quatar’s proposed gas pipeline to transit Syria into Europe. The pretext of destroying the so called Islamic State has been created by the CIA/Saudi/Israel just to enable an invasion of Syria. Thus, as well as the elimination of the Alawites to please the Saudi salafists, Israel will no longer have a nuclear state adjacent, Quatar can sell gas without having LNG ports and the USA will control more oil and power in the Middle East.

    So, he is not giving advice, he is using his position to try to change public opinion for the benefit his extremely rich, greedy, psychopathic clients and friends.

    And all of the mainstream media is ‘in’ on it too!

    Iran or Russia next.

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