New Years is Coming But Old Problems will Remain

As the old year turns into the new year, the old problems remain, getting more complicated and less soluble. It seems that Israel is entitled to exist as a State, but that Palestine is not so entitled. Continue reading

Police, Brutality and Firearms

There is a great deal being reported in the United States of America about police brutality. Some would argue that there is a great deal of police brutality in the United States, but they fail to understand that the police in any nation reflect the mores and culture of the people in that nation. Continue reading

Time is a Precious Commidity

Time is a precious commits, and not one that any many can monopolise or create a corner for  in the market. It comes and goes Continue reading

Take Your Enslavement Cheerfully

Today, after the peace of Christmas, which peace means different things to different folk, we learn of the most outrageous incompetence on the railways, where engineering work which was supposed to last less than twenty four hours over the holiday, lasted so long that two of London s major termini had to be closed for a day, and hundreds of thousands of people, mainly traveling to see their relatives and friends, were delayed hours, all without warning. Continue reading

And so the killing does not stop

Juergen Todenhoefer was allowed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to spend some time with them. He talked about his experiences and talked a great deal of sense. Continue reading

Happy Christmas Wherever and Whoever You Are

Christmas2014a (2)

Happy Christmas


Famine and Feast

It is the day before Christmas Eve and, if I were a good Christian, i would have fasted since Advent in order to prepare for the Christmas feast. Instead i have probably eaten increasingly more each day as a preparation for Christmas; it is a poor preparation for a feast. Continue reading

Over Doing Insulation – the Health Consequences

I have always been a supporter of home insulation. Exactly six years ago I wrote a post which explained the benefits of home insulation but which contained the following caveat:-

Insulation is very important. In order to try and save energy further the Government is setting air tightness standards for new homes. Here, I think, that they are on much more uncertain ground, because although air tightness does keep the heat in, it also comes at a price, and you have to be very aware of that price and what you should be doing if you live or work in an air tight building.

I went on to describe the ill effects on occupants in buildings that are too tightly insulated of carbon dioxide build up.

Recently some scientists have conducted research into the relationship between the air tightness of buildings and asthma. they found that the higher to SAP rating of a UK building, the more likely it was that the occupants or some of them would suffer from asthma. Continue reading

The Shortest Day

Today is the shortest day but only in the sense of having the smallest amount of potential daylight, Days still remain periods of twenty four hours when you count them from one period of time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky until the next period of time when it is in its highest in the sky, but here in the winter of the Northern Hemisphere outside the Arctic circle days (in the sense of those periods of time which are opposites to nights) are at their shortest this time of the year and from tomorrow will get longer and longer for six months until they get shorter once again.

People have always felt that these calendar events have some significance or mystery have significance merely for what they are or perhaps sometimes for what they appear to signify. Having a shortest day shows humanity that it is not in command of its circumstances; it must yield to another more powerful event, and although today we can disguise some of the consequences of that event as we turn on the light in our homes and turn up the central heating, the disguise is paltry. At the end of this day we can say “here comes the sun”.