The Days are Getting Longer

Thank goodness the days are getting longer. Continue reading

Thoughts for a bank holiday

I always feel sadness when the August Bank holiday comes round. The summer is passing and the holiday marks its passing. The evenings are slowly but surely drawing in and the fruits and grains that were made in spring and grown in summer are almost ripe. Most mornings are misty, but the mist often banished as the sun comes up. The evenings are damp and there is dew on the grass. It is a sad time but we had a good summer even if the sun did not shine every day, summer was light on our bodies, opening our doors. Summer is almost gone, and the winter is coming on.

Home thoughts from abroad

Officially very early March is still winter, in England, but the trees and plants do not know this and they live not on summertime or wintertime but on daylight. This year in England Spring has arrived a little later than usual but it is nice to see it come.

This pear tree is covering its branches with buds, which will shortly burst into leaves and flowers, from which the pears will grow. Against the grey sky of London, the pear tree has its own beauty and intrigue.

I am abroad when this is being posted, not in the land where gaudy melon flowers grow, but a hotter drier land where the colours and sights of this great and varied planet although scarred by humans are nevertheless wondrous and delightful. My home thoughts from abroad are not those of Mr Browning.

January Morning.

It is a calm and warm Saturday in London and I should rest. I have no horse, there is no snow, no woods, but there are trees. I can hear birdsong from birds who sit on the leafless tree tops. Across London there is a high mist, and although I know that outside my cocoon there is noise and business, today is made for rest, just like the trees rest now. They wait for the earth’s season to bring more light, bright light before they burst into producing fresh leaves in Spring. Me, I shall rest, but only until tomorrow. I have complex promises to keep, and time will only make the keeping of my promises harder.


Problems with condensing boilers

The recent spell of cold weather in the United Kingdom now seems to be ending, just in time for Christmas. The cold north wind has blown away and there is no more snow in London, although many parts of the country will see a slow thaw. In this cold weather I get thousands of people reading because their new fangled condensing boilers fail and they are seeking for a solution which enables them to get warm again.

There is clearly a widespread problem of condensing boilers failing to provide heat in very cold weather. The detailed reasons why they fail are set out in the above link, as are many people’s experiences in getting them working again.

If I step back and look at the reasons then I think there are three reasons:- Continue reading

Summer has almost gone

It is late August and this is usually a quiet time for people in Europe. This is the season for holidays, including public holidays. Most politicians are on holiday and those left behind to mind the shop are enjoying a quiet life. The newspapers seem weary and even the radio and television journalists have lost their bite.

Most years late summer is a time for regrouping, unwinding and preparing for the times to come. Some years – 1914 and 1939 in particular- late summer was a time when there was no peace or relaxation, but a time for frenzied activity as a precursor to war.

The environment has been largely ignored in this time of economic crisis. It is as though the people of the world had decided that they must regroup, get wealthy, increase economic activity so that they can spoil the environment more effectively, then they will start worrying about it. Perhaps this will happen when summer eventually ends. Summer may end with cooler weather in a a warmer climate.

The words of the poet run through my head:

Summer’s almost gone
Summer’s almost gone
Almost gone
Yeah, it’s almost gone
Where will we be
When the summer’s gone?

(James Douglas Morrison)

How the United Kingdom could suffer in another freezing winter

I write this when it is very hot in London. We are sweltering and I am enjoying the heat wave, which I personally hope will continue. However, it was not that long ago when we were suffering such cold weather that my blog entry about how your condensing boiler can stop working in very cold weather got thousand of hits.  Weather changes and we adjust to the changes with heating and cooling. And this made me think about natural gas. 86% of UK homes are connected to the gas grid. Continue reading

A fine evening in early summer

It is a quiet planet for me tonight. In England most folk are concentrating on their televisions, watching football teams play each other and I, also a watcher in Wales tonight, pause to listen in the countryside. Even the birds are silent as the long summer evenings allow me to read and write outside at nearly ten o’clock in this warm pleasant quiet time. Continue reading

I wish you a peaceful Good Friday

Today is Good Friday for all the major Christian Churches. We are at the very start of Spring. I am spending this week in Wales where in the course of a single day I have experienced bright sunshine, strong winds, hail and a snowstorm in several cycles, as though nature was showing us all the beauties of her many petticoats. Today the weather has started calm and peaceful.

Whatever weather you may experience I wish you all a very peaceful day.

Spring is late this year

Spring is late this year in London. The trees are in bud but this time last year many of them were in leaf. The hard cold winter, well suited to the hard cold economic environment, has delayed the plants from showing themselves. Continue reading