Mr Blair Resigns

I see that Mr Blair has decided to stand down as Middle East Envoy, a role he has been playing for eight years without any visible signs that he has done anything to achieve peace and prosperity in the region. I get the impression, it may be a wrong impression, that he has not worked ceaselessly and tirelessly for the Middle East. In fact his appointment seems to have been a mistake, but at least it enabled Mr Blair to develop his already formidable contact list.

2 Responses

  1. Apart from the fact that he appointed himself to a post he invented for himself he has now, I suspect, completed the negotiations and the timetable leading to the next middle east crisis. i.e His ‘real’ role is now defunct.

    Remember, he cosied up to Bush/Saudi/Israeli alliance to lend dubious British respectibility to the Iraq war.

    Remember, he resigned as PM in just enough time for the blame for many of the (Blair inflicted) UK’s woes to be heaped upon Gordon Brown’s shoulders.

    Was Blair tipped off?

    Did he now know something then that we didn’t?

    What does he now know that we don’t?

    I suspect he has used his title as a smokescreen whilst aiding and abetting the oil rich and the weapon rich countries of the west to subdue the religious minorities in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.

    After (or as well as) Syria, is Iran next on the (to do) list for Washington’s regime change?

    Why has China suddenly offered help in Iraq against ISIS, whilst warning the USA to keep away from its ‘sandcastles’ ? Is it true that the CIA created ISIS,

    Meanwhile, we laugh loudly and guffaw at Eurovision and all of the TV’s circuses. Then we fall asleep peacefully, never knowing our freedom is being stolen, bit by bit, quietly every night.

    • This is what always happens Chris when the Latin term is known,

      Ovis Lupus Commistri.


      Would you entrust a sheep to a wolf.

      All members of the top echelons are members of the Fabian Society, see their motto and stained glass window, itself a copy of a medieval manuscript.
      Men forging the planet into their desired shape, using all the TOOLS at the disposal.

      Notice a mans name within

      George Bernard Shaw is just like Blair, flaming the fires of war against his fellow mankind, one literally and one physically, for his masters.

      Where will the venerable Blair turn up next

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