Chris Huhne sowed the seeds of his own destruction

Almost no criminal commits a crime thinking that he or she would be caught. If one was to stop and imagine the certainty of being caught and consequences of being caught and punished for a crime before it is committed then I imagine there would be very little crime. Crime is encouraged by the lack of certainty of being caught. Continue reading

The Answer is Probably Not Blowing In the Wind

Now that Mr Huhne has resigned as Energy and Climate Change Secretary, his successor, Mr Davey, will be tested by a growing feeling that we are spending too much on subsidising wind farms. The one hundred Conservative Members of Parliament who have written to the prime Minister to argue that wind farms are over subsidised in these difficult economic time are right. The intermittency of the energy that wind turbines produces and the lack of any possibility of storing surplus energy makes it difficult to justify the present wind farm programme. Continue reading

Answering Questions on the Renewable Heat Incentive

The long awaited, long overdue Renewable Heat Incentive finally looks as though it will be launched. The Department of Energy and Climate Change Minsiter, Greg Barker and I have been having some indirect correspondence through my MP, Mike Freer, in an effort to persuade DECC to get their act together and get the RHI up and running. Continue reading

They are supposed to work for you

Just over a year ago I went to see my local MP. His name is Mike Freer and he is a conservative Member of Parliament for Finchley and Golders Green. He had just been elected as a first time MP having served Barnet Council previously. Continue reading

The Australian Climate Commission’s Report

I was surprised to read in one of the Sunday newspapers an attack on Chris Huhne, the UK Energy and Climate Change secretary, for wasting money and damaging business by various climate change measures, now, as the papers alleged, the science of climate change had been discredited. I am sure that people may want to attack a politician for many reasons, but surely to claim that he is acting on the basis of discredited science turns publishing news into publishing fantasy. Continue reading

The United Kingdom’s lost decade on climate change

“The last 10 years have been a lost decade for renewables. Labour’s tragic legacy is that we are 25th out of 27 EU member states on renewables. We have been playing as amateurs when we should have been in the Premiership.”

Mr Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change made this comments in response to a Report by the Committee of Public Accounts which criticised the United Kingdom’s record on Climate Change measures. Mr Huhne simply speaks the truth; in the past decade the United Kingdom’s climate change ambition has not matched its measures. Continue reading

The Department of Energy Climate Change’s business plan

Government departments in the United Kingdom now publish “business plans”. The concept of a business plan is one well known to those in business. The complexity of a business plan varies in sophistication and generally speaking the more complex the business the more complex the business plan. Continue reading