Chris Huhne sowed the seeds of his own destruction

Almost no criminal commits a crime thinking that he or she would be caught. If one was to stop and imagine the certainty of being caught and consequences of being caught and punished for a crime before it is committed then I imagine there would be very little crime. Crime is encouraged by the lack of certainty of being caught.

I am sure that when Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce decided that it would be a good thing to lie about who was driving a car, in order to save Mr Huhne’s driving licence, the last thing on their minds was that their lies would be exposed. In fact, they were exposed from their own moths, as their marriage broke down and now they are in prison, having, like all true tragic events, sown their seeds of their own destruction, nurtured them until those seeds grew into an obvious and irremediable problem.

The sentence passed in each case was eight months imprisonment. At first sight it seems severe, but courts are always severe on public figures who deem themselves above the law, pour encourager les autres.

I know very little about Ms Pryce, but Mr Huhne is a committed environmentalist although and when he left his post as Energy and Climate Change Minister the government’s commitment to the environment became less.

Mr Huhne will no doubt contemplate the environment from an open prison for the next few months. His fame and notoriety is such that I am sure that he will always be able to earn a living when he leaves prison without resorting to more crime, unlike many other people when they leave prison. His political career is in tatters and those noble things that he wished to achieve will have to be achieved by someone else, or not achieved at all.

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  1. He write a book while he is in there, be out in a month and make a fortune.

    Here is something worth watching instead.

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