They are supposed to work for you

Just over a year ago I went to see my local MP. His name is Mike Freer and he is a conservative Member of Parliament for Finchley and Golders Green. He had just been elected as a first time MP having served Barnet Council previously.

I contacted Mr Freer through the useful “they work for you website” ( I asked Mr Freer if I could brief him on the new government’s policy on renewable energy and in particular my company’s technology of thermal solar water heating and he kindly agreed.  We met at Portcullis House and I spent about forty five minutes explaining the various problems that the old government had created for the thermal solar industry and asked if he could help.

I think that I was not particularly lucid that day; I had been ill and was still recovering from illness. Nevertheless Mr Freer was very charming and he promised to help and speak with Greg Barker, the minister responsible for these matters, about the concerns and problems that I had outlined. When I got back to my office I wrote to Mr Freer explaining matters in detail, so that he could properly understand what I tried to tell him.

I heard no more from Mr Freer for over a year. The government’s policy towards thermal solar is still in a mess. The government is spending hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money on PV and wind farms, none too wisely, but despite headline catching announcements about the world’s first renewable heat incentive months ago we are still more than a year away from seeing what could be a sensible and positive use of taxpayers’ money, although Mr Freer’s silence and the government’s failure to get on with the RHI remain a puzzle,

Last week at last I received a letter from Mr Freer but it was not about thermal solar. He wrote that he was a long time supporter of finding a just solution to the problems in Cyprus. He presumably picked up my interest in Cyprus from my name. The letter told me of the work he was doing about Cyprus, purported to enclose a transcript of a debate (which was not enclosed) and ended by telling me that I should not hesitate to contact Mr Freer if I wish to discuss the Cyprus issue.

The Cyprus problem has been around more than fifty years and the war which led to the partition of Cyprus was thirty seven years ago. I a very grateful when any MP gets interested in Cyprus, as there is a remote possibility that a junior MP in London may do just a little to help on the international stage in Cyprus.

However, if Mr Freer has the time I would be grateful if he can have a word with Mr Barker or Mr Huhne and chase up the Renewable Heat Incentive. A reply to my letter (a substantive reply or if that is beyond him an acknowledgement) would be helpful.

There are many outstanding issues that need to be resolved, and the resolution of them is not rocket science, but until they are resolved people are holding back on installing domestic thermal systems, which was exactly the position that the government by announcing the RHI so early attempted to avoid.

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  1. Why has a English MP got the time to worry about Cyprus, he should be more concerned about the needs of his local constituates, this is the problem with British Politics, MP’s are only concerned about their own issues and not that of the general public

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