Time to Leave

I live in a nation which is part of a Union of 28 nations and my nation is the second wealthiest nation in that Union but one with a small land area and a high population. The Union is a closed customs cartel which is moving towards a political Union. There are many things wrong with the Union. It is undemocratic and pursues policies that put the poorer members of the Union into penury but make the wealthiest member wealthier. Some of these policies do not affect me directly because my country has opted not to share the common currency of the Union but they do affect the nations of Southern Europe.

I, in common with many others, have four complaints about the Union. The first is that the Union is not being run democratically; its structures need reform to make them more democratic. My second complaint is that the policy of free movement across the Union special disadvantages for my country because we do not have much land and do not build enough homes for our existing population. My third complaint is that the Union makes too many laws and I do not have a say in those laws. My fourth complaint is that too much of my taxes go to the Union and much of what I pay is wasted without there being democratic accountability.

My government raised these complaints with the Union but the Union shrugged off these complaints and proposed only very modest, almost meaningless reforms as a “compromise”. I am not concerned about the economic forecasts provided by the Great and the Good and those aspiring to be Great and Good to the effect that leaving the Union will create recession, mean the immediate loss of jobs, hardship and all sorts of bad economic events. I have lived too long to believe the truth of any economic forecast by anyone. In any event like most of my parents’ generation I would rather be poor and free than rich and in chains. I shall vote to leave the Union.

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  1. Ditto

  2. In 2003, just days before Sweden was due to vote on joining the Euro, a pro Euro campaigner, Anna Lindh was murdered in a public place by a mentally unstable person. Despite previous threats she had been given no police security.

    Campaigning by both sides of the debate was suspended. Despite polls previously showing that Sweden would vote not to join, at the referendum, Sweden voted to join the Euro.

    Does this sound familiar?

  3. Conspiracy theories?

    Please look at the stats for who voted in the second referendum petition:


    How can, for example, 17,512 vote in France on our petition? 11460 votes from the USA. and many thousands more.

    All the thousands of UK votes are just MP’s using block votes.

    There are few if any individual votes.

    This is a “stitch up” and a shocking hijack of democracy.

  4. The rot began way back in history when John Dee who was a member of QE 1st Rosicrution court enabled with the use of her majesties navy, set up what was termed as Free Trade.
    since then nation and island state succumbed to the might British Empire, one by one they fell for the same old union tricksters instituted in the city within a city of London.
    All free trade models today are a culmination of those early day, a model of inter dependant, which actually means, to inter, or bury the nation state of every free republic that has joined such nation states.

    Not a conspiracy but historical fact, and one that is ongoing, like the huge lie called democracy at its helm.

    Do some real history Rob and spill the beans for a change.

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