Mr Trump and Ignorance

Donald Trump sought to answer a criticism that he was ignorant of Islam, made by the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Mr Trump’s answer was to challenge the Mayor to an intelligence test, as though intelligence was the same as knowledge. Mr Trump must surely know that a person blessed with a high intelligence does not mean that the person is not ignorant of Islam. His answer was either appallingly dishonest or very stupid.

I do not think that Mr Trump is stupid; I think like many who attempt to acquire power he will say whatever he feels will persuade people to vote for him, that he will blame foreigners for the ills that afflict his nation, or if there are insufficient foreigners he will blame a section of the population for those ills, provided that section is small, different and recognisably so. The trouble is that this approach tends to work.

One Response

  1. So, you don’t like Mr Trump then. Lots of Americans do like him because he says he wants to stop cronyism, reach a rapprochment with Russia, stop off-shoring American jobs and many other populist ideals. Of course populist is an establishment ‘put down’ for those, like Mr Farage and Mr Corbyn who oppose the power of the establishment.

    Perhaps he will change if he’s elected. So many politicians seem to become ‘St Paul on the road to Damascus’ and when in power realise that they should be nurturing globalilsm, the EU, TTIP, war, etc when previously they opposed it so as to secure the popular vote

    At least he hasn’t been given the Nobel Peace Prize like Obama. With Peace Prize recipients like Obama we need more of them like a hole in the head. Guantanamo! Syria, regime change in Ukraine, now Brazil, next Venezuala. He even supports regime change in England & Wales.

    Donald isn’t looking so bad after all.

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