Take it Back, folks

“We’re going to take our country back, folks” is the rhetoric of Donald Trump, a candidate for the Presidential election which will take place in the USA in November. Mr Trump has all the appeal of a Benito Mussolini – smug, self-satisfied, and somewhat fat in his mind, assuring the American people that they will not be swamped by foreigners and that all foreigners will be treated harshly and in some cases without justice.

As the new American Mussolini talks so his audience cheers, and the audience cheers in the same way, I imagine, that audiences years ago cheered lynchings.

All of Mr Trump’s supporters favour taking their country back, but they do not delve too deeply into what taking their country back means, for if they did they would return the country to the indigenous peoples from whom they stole it, just a few hundred years ago.

2 Responses

  1. So, the Clinton Foundation is different, really?

  2. The term take our country back says one thing, they still don’t own it, did folks know that the original corporate areas that were governed by the likes of the Hudson Bayer were funded into existence by the Royals on paper and the private banks, like the Bank of Zion, and those trusts still stand to this day, and have never been challenged, not even once.

    Here’s another clue, the name Bauer is the true family name of the Rothschild’s, who had a complex in Canada called Rothschild’s House.

    More later.

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