Time to Leave

I live in a nation which is part of a Union of 28 nations and my nation is the second wealthiest nation in that Union but one with a small land area and a high population. The Union is a closed customs cartel which is moving towards a political Union. There are many things wrong with the Union. It is undemocratic and pursues policies that put the poorer members of the Union into penury but make the wealthiest member wealthier. Some of these policies do not affect me directly because my country has opted not to share the common currency of the Union but they do affect the nations of Southern Europe. Continue reading

EU Referendum: Things to Know 1

If you believe some, if the UK left the EU the UK would be a crime ridden economically depressed nation with millions more unemployed. In fact we have the those well known charitable and public spirited organisations such as  BAE,  Centrica, EasyJet, BP Vodaphone, Virgin Money, Goldman Sachs and Heathrow Airport telling us that this is the case.

Large multinational companies are, of course, not politicians but they are able to wield great power with few of the duties that fall on those who wield power. One thing is certain, if these corporations advise you to vote in one way then the way they advise will swell their coffers and increase their power and influence.