Gaza: Peace Without Freedom Can Never Be Achieved

Sometimes in the West we close our eyes to events in the world. It seems that we can only take in one problem at any time. It was Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Libya, then Syria and now Palestine. Each time new atrocities and deaths occur we take in the news, intervene to make things worse, and then turn the page as our attention gets grabbed by another war or another disaster. In Palestine many people are in peril, and have been in peril for many years. They have suffered tremendously over many years and in the West we have ignored their suffering.

The small area of Gaza comprises 150 square miles and holds 1.6 million people. It should be treated as a state, but it is treated as a dangerous inconvenience. The people who live there are genuinely oppressed; they do not have sufficient food or medicines, they cannot easily trade, they are surrounded by a powerful enemy and they find that there legitimate desire for freedom and statehood refused.

Today Gaza is being bombed ruthlessly. It has previously sent rockets into Israel and those rockets have disturbed the peace in Israel. Now Gaza suffers from a massive retaliation. The people of Gaza knew that firing rockets would provoke a response, and that the response would be disproportionate, but they are desperate people and desperate people everywhere fight for their freedoms when there is no other way of achieving them.

A great deal of money and time has been spent on talking about peace. Many leaders and former leaders talk about the importance of peace. All sides talk of peace, but their fine speeches refuse to accept one very important fact: peace without freedom is something that no people should be obliged to accept, and peace without permitting others to be free is never possible. That seems to be the essential starting point for any peace plan but instead of starting from that premise people start from the premise that the violence should first stop before talking about peace. If that mindset continues peace in the region will never be achieved because an oppressed people value freedom more than peace.

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  1. What the fat controllers are trying to achieve is a new world religion and currency, as time goes on the majority will see that all religions are actually seperating the planet and creating wars of both mind and body.

    In Europe today the first signs of this single thinking virus has already taken shape by joining all of the money or imaginary together into a single monetary fund.

    Religions are now changing their tacts very quickly in order of surviving the droughts that have been cleverly manufactured, cash drives everything, labour supplies the true energy, the popes palace is strewn with priceless art and gold and Jesus we are led to believe owned nothing but the tools of his trade.

    The model being pushed here is, there are people suffering needlessly, dieing regardless of how we are given the news, yet the whole are powerless to act, because they are fast asleep, Orwell’s boot is currently resting upon the heads of humanity, when it is released are we going to reciprocate in kind or forgive those who previously had one resting upon our heads.

    You could do this,

    Or really start caring for the whole and ignoring those who make profits and take advantage of the negative energy being created.

    • A key factor

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