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From 1968 until 1971 Chris Calcroft and I formed “Friendly and the Face” and toured occasionally the student haunts and bars in the North West of England. We wrote our own music and words. Chris wrote the music and I wrote the words. Here is a selection of some of our best work, which has never been published until now.

All poem-songs are copyright Calcroft & Kyriakides.

When you click on a song it will play in Quicktime.

Wind blew the city

Winter waltz

Sea Voices

Little Willy

Bringing up Blood


7 Responses

  1. If you two guys would have been able to go back in time to 1509 + (The time of Henry the VIII !) you guys could have been the equivalent of the Rolling Stones in that time. Yeh some of the Lyrics are good but not loud enough, maybe you could try to speed it up a little bit use an electric guitar and sing with a bit more umph! maybe it would be getting there ! Add another five songs ( even cover versions ) and then release, you wouldn’t even need a manager you could do that yourself !

    🙂 !!!!

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  3. Wind blew the city, this is a perfect little tune, a real gem.

  4. My computer is dying and won’t play sounds (sound card, I assume). I’ll have to return and play it when I can replace the device. meanwhile, here’s a small offering in return:

    The Princess

    That’s for my Princess, wife, and the best bit of good fortune I’ve had in decades!

    You might also look up “Kelly and the Monsters”. it’s about a young man, a schizophrenic, who was murdered in full view of about 60 people while other cops protected THEM from the crowd! Kelly Thomas committed the “sin” of being unable to live in a house (he felt he was being held prisoner). That’s it – that’s the WHOLE of the reason he was beaten to death by cops, apparently. Officer Ramos, the main attacker, got off scot free, too.

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