A Title for A New Book

I have started to write a new book. It will be called “Nick and Irca” I think. It will be the story of two people, one born in 1917 and the other in 1928 who were caught up in the events of the second world war, coming from completely different places. It will tell of their extraordinary story and the events which shaped their lives, and the lives of so many others Continue reading

Desire and Improvement

Most human activity is trade. People sell their labour and buy things. Trade is merely economic work.

Not all human activity is economic work. There are those who can spend a lifetime in prayer or contemplation, requiring simply food, water and shelter in order to continue living but here are others whose work is prayer and contemplation in lavish and luxurious surroundings, enjoying the pleasures of a palace while they petition their gods with prayer.

Economic work, if it is to be successful for the economic worker, involves the prediction of what humans actually desire to improve their lives, as they perceive it. Spiritual work has no measure of success and and involves the prediction of what humans should desire to actually improve their lives.

This is important, but its importance is also its impotence.


I Tried to Write Something

I tried to write Continue reading

Using Tags

People use convenient tags to communicate complicated concepts which save them the bother of communicating with many words because they can simply use one word. It also saves them the bother of thinking through what they want to communicate and gives them an opportunity to pretend that what they claim is better than it really is. Tags that are commonly used to express complicated concepts include diversity, immigration, racism, feminism, transparency, proportionality, sustainability, discrimination, openness – in fact you can get a list of the most popular tags by listening to any speech made by a politician. Continue reading

Hungry For Words

I have written poetry for all of my life. At school an English teacher mocked me for my attempts to write free verse, when I was eleven. It inspired me to write more, but it took a long time to get the hang of it, and it took me longer to develop my own voice, which is what someone who tries to write poetry needs above anything else. Continue reading

The Desultory Apostate

I am a desultory apostate who does not recognise who he is and why he has become what he has become. What was once written in ink as verse is now carved with tools in the air in prose and moves, is breathed and is ephemeral yet eternal. Continue reading

Writing Time

I have written more than a million words on these pages, although I have not counted them all. I have anxiously, possibly too anxiously, tried not to write badly and to write sincerely. I usually write a day at a time and although I do not consciously try to write a log or diary of events inevitably my words, if read again several years after they were written, bring back to mind events which I had forgotten and times that now seem to be so long ago. Continue reading