On Work

When I was young, many years ago, I thought it best not to work too hard and if possible should spend days in pleasure. Subsequently I worked very hard and enjoyed working even though work makes us weary. Continue reading

The Root of All Kinds of Evil

The love of money is, according to one source, the root of all kinds of evil. It is hard to disagree with that statement. It is often misquoted into “money is the root of all evil” which ignores two important points. The first is that it is not money, but the love of money that the proverb explains causes the damage. The second point is that love of money does is not the root of every kind of evil, but the root of all kinds of evil. Continue reading


I work a great deal. I have not always worked so hard; my youth was relatively light on work but those halcyon days are long past and I now know that everyone has great amounts of work to do, whether they does it or not, from day we is pulled from our mother’s womb until the day we returns to dust and ashes. Continue reading

Non productive work

n the Spring of 1980 I visited Moscow. This was at a time when the Soviet state was authoritarian and provided a highly controlled environment. People were frightened to talk freely and to have any contact with people visiting them from the west. The group of which I was part were guided on all their trips. We had booked tickets at the ballet, but a late group of Bulgarian visitors were given our tickets and we were sent to the Moscow State Circus instead.  At this time the Soviet Union had full employment, so it would seem, but the economy was not providing the people with goods that they wanted to consume. You could not buy a pair of jeans in Moscow at the time so one member of our group decided to entrepreneurially import a dozen pairs in his suitcase. Like all of us his suitcase was searched and the jeans confiscated. He was shown a warehouse containing tens of thousands of confiscated jeans. Continue reading