Words that Disguise Meanings

Russian bombers flying close to but not in British airspace were met by British Typhoon jets. This has been official described as an encroachment. The word disguises that what the Russian bombers were doing was perfectly legal under international law. The word is not used to describe British aircraft that fly close to but not into Russian airspace on a regular basis. Continue reading

Misleading Words and Phrases

Words are important; if you tell a woman she has a good figure, she will take the compliment; if you tell the same woman that she has a good body , she will usually be slightly uncomfortable that there is a sexual innuendo in your compliment. Politicians are masters of abusing words as George Orwell showed in 1984. In his novel the Ministry of Love was about hate, and the Ministry of Peace was about war. The Ministry of Plenty tried to manage the shortages of food and basic materials and the Ministry of Truth conduct vicious untruthful propaganda. Continue reading

The Advantage of Twisting Words

It is a shame that politicians use the device of pouring ridicule on their opponents to twist their words and bring their opponents into opprobrium and disrepute. It is not a civilised way to behave nor is it helpful for the voters to decide the real issues and which politician best serves them. I suppose, however, that it is better than treating their opponents with violence and barbarity, which happened in the United Kingdom not too many generations ago and which happens now in many parts of the world.

Changing Language

I heard Will Self while giving a radio talk in that rather pompous style he affects claim that the English language was better (if I understood him correctly) for all the ne Continue reading

Where are my words?

I cannot find words today, I might have lost them. I have looked for them almost everywhere. They are not languishing in a drawer and are certainly not in the bathroom or in a cupboard. The tables do not have them and the computer claims that my words have not yet been written, but I know I had them and now I cannot find them. Perhaps I left them in the car, or dropped them on the way to work. Wherever they are they are my words and if you find them, will you kindly return them to me?

You do not have to eat a crocodile to show that you care

It is the little things that count. Grand gestures are precisely that – gestures rather than actions. In small actions we shape our destiny and that of those around us. Words are actions, often more important actions than fluid interactions and enterprises of seeming importance. I do not discount the spoken or sung word. These can shape destinies but do so infrequently. Continue reading

Talking After Death

Every word has its own vibration; a mix of tone, pitch and sound which makes its own music. When a word is placed next to another word subtle it changes itself and its neighbour. When a sea of words is created a sound of the sea makes a certain, logical music. Continue reading