Summer’s Almost Gone

Summer has almost gone now; we have reached the end of July and August will bring, for those who live in Northern Climes, a cooler shorter daytime before the fruits of September come to pass.  Continue reading

The First Day of February

I am glad that today is the first day of February, forty one days after the shortest day in these latitudes. It has not yet been a very bitter winter, just a cold and dark one, and when the sun did shine it shined low in the horizon filling our eyes with spite. Soon the sun will bathe us and the Spring will come, soon, very soon.

These Dog Days Are Welcome

Daylight makes you happy. After many weeks of rainy darkness London is warmed slowly and very modestly by daylight as the days in the planet’s Northern Hemisphere become longer. The spring equinox is almost here and lighter morning and evenings seem to cheer people up, contrasting with the warm but gloomy winter that is passing. Continue reading

The Shortest Day

In London today is the shortest day and I have an essay as short as the day. Continue reading

An Expected Day

All the leaves are gone and the sky is grey. This is what we expect in London at this time of the year. Little changes. We have also come to expect that our great British banks will be fined as more and more wrongdoing comes to light. Continue reading

Bitter Times Ahead

The equinox has passed, summer is well and truly ended in London and although we might enjoy some cool sunshine, the days are drawing in and we must prepare for winter. In London most are poorer than they have been for many years and most of the children will enjoy a less safe and less prosperous life than their parents lived. Continue reading

The Snows of Yesteryear

The British weather is like a bad lover. She seduces only to disappoint. Perhaps in London we have had our summer, even though the nights are still getting longer for a few more days. Perhaps it is age, which remembers better summers through the tinted eyes that are now weary and less reliable. We live within our time and recall times past imperfectly through the prism of optimism, which distorts by showing too much. And as the night draw in with depressing inexorable ruthlessness and as winter’s cold wraps itself into our very bones shall we ask

Mais où sont les neiges d’antan!

The Long Cold Hard Winter

It has been a long cold hard winter in London. Of course England’s climate is not as long, cold and hard as the climates of many other nations, but for us this year has been exceptional. There has been a lack of colour in the weather this year, as winter intruded into autumn and Spring, with its grey intruding into our colour spectrum.

This is the environment in which we have lived for months; colours make us feel happy, but grey is not a colour and removes joy in pieces and tires our minds as the cold weather reduces our wealth as we pay to stay warm.

We are used to staying warm; when we were much younger, if we were much younger, being cold in winter was a normal part of our lives. As we became more prosperous central heating transformed from a luxury to a necessity. We no longer wake up and exhale to watch our breath condense on window glass and mirrors. This was not fuel poverty; this was a normal way of life for millions of inhabitants of these islands. The old died in winter, that friend of the elderly.

Inevitably age and prosperity softens us. A long cold hard winter when we were young would not have bothered us, because we knew there were many summers to come. As we get older we fear that the summers to come will be few and the long cold hard winters will extend into them.

Spring will come, but not just yet

It is a cold day in London. It is almost snowing as winter tries to hold on to its season. The welcome long days will warm the earth, but the cold wind from the north will freeze the bones that lie buried there. Spring will come, but not just yet, not just yet. It will be a cold night on London. Spring will come, but not just yet, not just yet.

Quiet Days in London

It is quiet in London today. There is not much traffic and not much activity, as people seem to extend the New Year’s Day holiday into a week’s worth. We have had many holidays this year in the United Kingdom. London is quiet.

The winter sun rose as I went into work this morning. Just after eight o’clock and will set at just after four o’clock, as the days length in the earth’s cycle around the sun. In two days’ time we shall have eight hours of day light and by the 18th March we shall have more daylight in twenty four hours than darkness. I like to see the days get longer and light spread upon the land, enabling new growth. The only thing that stops me from wishing it to be summer now is that if I made that wish and it came true I would be wishing my life away. Continue reading