Wilful Neglect and the Abuse of Children

The abuse of children must be one of the worst crimes that humanity can devise. Abusers ought to be punished and those who are paid to protect children should be vigilant and careful in their jobs. Teachers, local authority employees, social workers, police and other organisations are paid to protect children. I must say that I am troubled by a proposal to extend the crime of wilful neglect to cover those categories of people who could, if they fail to carry out their duties properly, face up to five years in prison and unlimited fines. Continue reading

Prosecuting Nurses

Nursing is a caring profession. People used to enter it and practise nursing for very different reasons and from a different standpoint than others in the medical profession. Nurses are really at the sharp end of care and make a difference to the care outcomes of ill people. Forty years ago nurses, then mainly women, were regarded as angels; very often taxi drivers refused to accept their money at the end of a journey and grateful patients were kind to them. Since then nursing seems to have changed, with higher and more complex technology augmented these days by less tenderness, less time to spend with patients and sometimes less love for their patients. Continue reading