Honouring the Unworthy

Most nations have places where their great minds are honoured; in Britain Westminster Abbey is such a place. It is laden with memorials to monarchs, and statesmen (some of whom deserve to actually be honoured by such memorials) and to poets, great thinkers and writers and innovators in important fields which have relieved human suffering. Continue reading

Odd Things: Churches and Museums

It is rather odd. If you happen to be in Westminster and feel like praying the logical place to pop in for a pray is Westminster Abbey. It is a sumptuous building and stands on a place where Christians have worshipped for mre than a thousand years. However it is rather odd that it would cost you £16 for the privilege. If you a frequent prayer you can save money on your prayers by buying an annual pass for just £36.

If you do not feel like having a pray but wish to reduce your ignorance you can take a short bus ride to the Science museum. However, reducing your ignorance will not cost you a penny. Entry is free.

So we learn that it costs to pray in a church but all is not lost. You can always pray on the cience museum. I am sure that no one who matters will mind.