Occam’s Razor Will Give the Labour Party a Haircut

Constitutional reform is important. If Scotland can have its own Parliament and make its own laws then there can be no justification for Scottish Members of the UK Parliament being able to vote on laws that affect England, Wales or Northern Ireland exclusively. It is a simple point of principle that is easy to understand. Continue reading

A Neat Solution to the West Lothian Question

In two years time Scotland will hold a referendum about dissolving the Union. It is not yet known what questions will be put to the Scottish people and there is the usual political malarkey about the questions, but it is clear that the referendum will be about independence. Continue reading

The Inconvenience of Democracy

The United Kingdom is not very united and not much of a kingdom. There is one Parliament which makes laws for the whole country and separate elected parliaments which administer and make laws for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The monarch has very little to do with the making of these laws, but signs off on them as a matter of formality.  Continue reading