Too Much and Too Little

Many people have died recently as a result of exceptionally heavy monsoon rains in Burma, Vietnam and south eastern India. The rains have caused landslides, polluted water courses and even though there is water everywhere it is undrinkable.  Continue reading

Time to Ration Water in California?

About 65% of my body is made of water. Large percentages of the food I eat and drink is made of water. I could not eat without water and I could not drink without water. Continue reading

Water, flooding and drainage

If my thinking on global warming is right then in the United Kingdom we will have more rainfall. The United Kingdom is growing its population and there are plenty of more people who are settling in these islands than there are who leave these islands. That means we will build more houses, more roads and more concrete based infrastructure, and that means that the increased rainfall that I expect will not be sinking into the grounds as much as running off it. That means, if I am right, more and more flooding. Continue reading

Wicked Leaks

Generally I applaud those who leak information into the public domain; there is a long and noble history of whistle blowers whose activities have benefited society and helped strengthen that precious and diminishing resource – freedom.

There is another precious and diminishing resource that is threatened – water. Whether it will be climate change that finally kills off humanity or shortage of water that does, is rather hard to judge right now. A cynic would argue that water shortages would, in the immortal words of Mr Ebenezer Scrooge, reduce the surplus population. Reducing the surplus population by drought might well slow the rate of climate change marginally, but most would think it a poor solution to climate change. Continue reading

The Planet’s Diuretic

We do not need much, as opposed to want, in order to live. We need a safe place to live and the means to produce sufficient food and water and very little else. We can wish for medical facilities, transport and a whole host of other things that people now think of as necessities, but in terms of need, we need very little. Continue reading

Solar powered desalination

Last winter there were terrible floods in the North West of England. One policeman lost his life, bridges collapsed and generally there was water everywhere. Today the North West runs the risk of running out of water, as a dry spring has left reservoirs with only 60% of their capacity. Water is so important to us, but the pattern here in the United Kingdom, and in many other places in the world, is that we either have too much of the stuff or not enough of it. Mostly, with six billion people on the planet we do not have enough fresh drinking water. Continue reading