Muddled Thinking: preventing wasting energy is just as important as clean renewable energy

I have devoted several essays on this web log to my views on what is a clean renewable source of energy and what is a dirty renewable energy source. A clean source is one that creates very few emissions and pollutants in its life cycle and a dirty source is one that creates many pollutants in its lifecycle and use. Continue reading

Energy use – Some resolutions for the new year

This is the last time I shall write on this log in 2007. I started writing at the end of October and this makes the sixtieth post. The eve of the New Year is a time when resolutions to change for the better are traditionally made I shall offer you four New Year’s resolutions to add to your list, in the hope that whatever other resolutions that you will make and break, these environmental resolutions will last. 

  1. If you can, get your energy from a benign source, rather than a carbon dioxide producing source. Look at solar thermal, wind turbines, and PV first and in that order.
  2. Try to conserve as much fossil fuel energy as you can. Perhaps turning the thermostat down by one or two degrees in winter would be a good start, and buying a smaller engined car when it’s time to change it.
  3. Make sure that those who pollute pay for cleaning up their act. If you yourself pollute clean it up yourself. Do not be responsible for indirect pollution; buying cheap sweatshop produced goods will also almost invariably have a hidden carbon price tag.
  4. Don’t waste fossil fuel energy; the typical scenario of heating on with windows open still happens too often; over packaging is a waste of energy so avoid buying goods that are unnecessarily over packaged.

 I wish you all a very happy and safe new year.