Our Exotic Foreign Policy

The exotic foreign policy of the United Kingdom at present requires it to keep nine thousand troops in Pakistan. I met a man whose son had made three tours of duty there. He told that the soles of his son’s boots became detached from their uppers in the conditions of Afghanistan. The same happened to many others in the boy’s regiment. The father did what any good father would do – he bought his son some boys. Continue reading

Exporting Terrorism to Afghanistan

In Afghanistan we are fighting a war apparently to prevent terrorists from carrying out their activities. The conflict is tagged as a war on terrorism. Our object is to defeat terrorism. Our government thinks it can defeat terrorists by fighting them in a place where they are nurtured. It is an odd choice of venue. Continue reading

What are we fighting for?

Am I the only person concerned about the use of drones to kill people in Afghanistan? It has been going on for some time but only recently been publicised because some of the people killed were not Afghanis but German or British people. What has happened is that the American (or NATO) forces responsible for the war in Afghanistan have gathered intelligence which indicates that certain people in Afghanistan are involved with the Taliban or are about to be promoted in the Taliban. The intelligence also indicates where these people live so NATO (or America) send unmanned drones which hit the places where these people live. The drones are in effected small guided missiles which blow up, killing the targeted people and sometimes killing people who have not been targeted. Continue reading

A modern mask of anarchy

I like poetry, but I am not particularly fond of the Romantic Poets or of one of their most famous people Percy Bysshe Shelley. Shelly lived for only thirty years, dying fashionably young. He wrote one poem called the Mask of Anarchy about the Peterloo Massacre, in Manchester. The poem speaks against those that Shelly thought were responsible for the deaths of people in a very fledging trade union movement, who were mistakenly and unnecessarily killed by soldiers.

These days we have progressed; we can kill far more people than we could two hundred years ago, more efficiently and with greater carelessness. That set me wondering whether I could adapt Shelley’s work for the modern era. Continue reading

Why we will never achieve success in Afghanistan

For centuries thinkers have observed that if you fight a war you must have apolitical objective, otherwise there is no point in fighting a war. A political objective can be evil or good. It can simply be to annex the territory of another nation, for its land, or to enslave its people, or to protect you own land from enslavement or confiscation by others. However, simply fighting a war withouta defined and achievable political objective is a waste of life, resources and time because no matter how many battles you might win, you will lose the war because you do not have an achievable objective. Continue reading

We pay members of Parliament to solve problems, not to smear people

Politics is a strange world and I do not understand it. Somewhat naively, I had believed what politicians told me when they said that they had entered politics for public service. These days you do see many poor politicians. I suppose that you may enter a job in order to serve and get a great deal of money for it. The two things are not directly inconsistent but they are bed mates that lie uneasy together. Continue reading