Another YouTube video for Genersys

Genersys has put another video on YouTube. In it I explain how solar thermal systems are controlled by the digital controller and the pump station. If you are thinking of getting a solar system you will get an idea of how they work by clicking the YouTube link on the right of this page.

Modern domestic thermal systems are designed to operate automatically; they have a number of safety features that work best if the system is left ion permanently. If you go away from home for a long holiday always leave a Genersys system on. The electricity usage will be very modest – over a whole year the cost of electricity for the pump and the digital controller will not be more than £6 in a normal domestic system.

Renewable energy systems like modern solar systems use very modest amounts of electricity to help in providing the best and most reliable form of energy. You can install a PV panel to run the pump and digital controller but the cost in environmental terms (because PV is so environmentally expensive to produce) makes it better to rely on mains electricity where available.

You might well get mains outages, especially in the future as nations compete for energy, but those will almost certainly occur in winter nights when the solar system will not be functioning.

I hope that you enjoy the video. I liked making it. We will be uploading one about our panels in the near future.