When I was a kid there was a game shown on television known as “re-arrange the words into a well known phrase or saying”.  Words on a magnetic board such as “saves in nine a time stitch” appeared and if the contestant could get it right he or she would win a prize.  It was an asinine game but in those days there was only two television channels and not much else to watch. Continue reading

Scientists losing the Climate Change Plot

You would have thought that the scientists who work on climate change science would be only too pleased to share the data they gather, upon which they base their climate change calculations. After all every scientific theory needs tested and retested and tested again by as many different qualified people as possible. It is only by such a process of peer review that the science gains credibility and with credibility comes public acceptance. Climate change certainly needs to be studied by as many people as possible because it is important that the public accepts the theory. Continue reading

Weather is Temporary, Climate Permanent

People confuse weather with climate. Weather, like form, is temporary but climate like quality is permanent, or relatively so. When we say that there is climate change we are not speaking of changes in weather from day to day or even year to year or even decade to decade, but a process which has always happened. Until the industrial revolution that process was gentle and slow and mostly took hundreds of years but since the industrial revolution has moved much more quickly. If you measure this process as a trend over the centuries it can be seen more clearly. Continue reading

Climategate; the Climatic Research Unit passes its scientific audit

A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has put its shoes on. Most people will have heard about what appeared to be all kinds of malpractices at East Anglia University’s Climatic Research Unit. They had, we were told used “tricks” and manipulated climate change data to show false evidence of anthropogenic climate change. It even got to the stage where one Conservative canvasser told a voter on the doorstep that “climate change science has been discredited”.

Meanwhile the truth was looking for its shoes, determined to put them on. Continue reading

January is the warmest month

Those who doubt that the climate is warming are using the confusion over the data records at the University of East Anglia to fuel their doubt. There is a tendency for people to pick and choose the data that they like best. It is a bit like a golfer reviewing his most recent round to decide how good he is. He might pick out the best bits while assigning the bad bits to “rub of the green” or simply bad luck with a whole host of “what if”.  He would then reach the conclusion that he is a better player than his handicap show. There is no problem with self delusion when it comes to golf, a game that you play for pleasure at your own expense, but when t comes to science and planning the safety of future generations, self delusion is a dangerous thing. Continue reading