Democracy Day

Today is democracy day, apparently. We are supposed to celebrate democracy, which is not an easy thing to do, but humans enjoy celebrating things that they do not understand as the great religious festivals show. Continue reading

Choosing Between Two Eggs

I woke up this morning to find that the United Kingdom is still the United Kingdom; my country had not lost a large chunk of it and there would not be several years of uncertainty which would affect my nation’s prosperity adversely, so for my own self interest I was glad that the Scots had decided to remain in the Union.  Continue reading

Leave for Warmer Climes When the Winter Comes

EDF is a French energy company. It is one of the six energy companies that control the United Kingdom’s energy supply and enjoys the rights privileges and advantages of it being part of an oligarchy. It specialises in nuclear power and has a number of nuclear generating plants which create heat by means of a chain reaction, uses the heat to make steam which drives a turbine which in turn generates electricity which in turn is fed into the national grid. The nuclear plants create nuclear waste in copious quantities which takes thousands of years to decay into a condition in which the waste in not dangerous. Continue reading

Just In Case

There is a lot of weather in the world at the moment. Continue reading

Should Scotland Be Independent?

I have always held that if the Scots want to be independent, they should be independent. The demand for independence is part of nationalism and in small doses nationalism is a useful antidote to oppression which is not always guaranteed to work. However, the debate about Scottish independence does not seem to centre around freedom, liberty and protection from oppression, which were the driving forces that made The United States of American Mexico, India, Pakistan, Cyprus and many other nations become self governing states. The debate centres around economic interests.

The Scottish Nationalists seek to persuade people to their view not just by an appeal to their nationalism, their heritage and their unique culture, freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but by an appeal to their pockets. The Nationalists  argue that Scotland would be wealthier, more prosperous and better of if it was independent of the rest of the United Kingdom so that it could appropriate the oil and gas reserves that would belong to it, if it were an independent nation. Those oppose deny this argument.

Of course, during the period when the United Kingdom has been a Union there have been times when the Scots benefited economically from the Union and now they see a prospect of benefiting from separation, that argument seems to prevail.

There are good times and bad times. there are times when the oil and gas flow freely and times when it dries up. There are swings and roundabouts in all economies. Making a decision to be independent because a politician tells you that you will be £500 a year better off with independence seems to me to be madness. Scots should vote on whether they wish to be independent according to whether they will be happier pursuing their own destiny free from the United Kingdom, not on whether a bunch of sleazy politicians tell them that they will be better off or worse off.

The Inconvenience of Democracy

The United Kingdom is not very united and not much of a kingdom. There is one Parliament which makes laws for the whole country and separate elected parliaments which administer and make laws for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The monarch has very little to do with the making of these laws, but signs off on them as a matter of formality.  Continue reading